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Why choose Optimiser CRM for Retail Businesses?

Retail CRM is an excellent tool if you plan to prosper in the market and make the best out of your promotional strategies. Customer Relationship Management or CRM software has been used to support the customer support teams and data organisation. Increasing sales by up to 29%, sales productivity by 34% and sales forecast accuracy by 42%, CRM is adopted by 64% of businesses within the first five years of business. 


Then why Retail CRM?

Customer support  

The primary role of CRM software is to help you retain customers and ensure that their needs and demands are fulfilled. A retail CRM allows you to focus on that and more. With the data collected on a customer, you will be able to track their journey through the pipeline and personalise their experience. 

This offers you a 360-degree view of the customers and tracks all your interactions with them. Customer support teams can pull up the information within minutes and check previous queries/ orders, website visits and other activities. A unique reference number for each customer and an automatic ticketing system allow you to sort customer queries and pay equal attention to them. 



For retail owners, much of their business comes from third parties. Be it word of mouth or website visits to find a product in a particular niche. It saves them a lot of advertising costs and boosts their profits. Integrating the website with marketplaces. The emailing marketing platform can save you the hassle of managing and updating the data yourself. There is no point in opting for a CRM that does not allow integrations. While it will take time to sort which data is valuable to you, remember that no data is useless. 



Retail CRM can automate many tasks that would otherwise take up more than half of the time. Your employees do not have to engage with tedious administrative tasks. Using workflow automation, your CRM software will often react after the customer performs a specific action. For example, consider that your customer sends a query email to you about your latest product and the updated prices. Your workflow automaton rules will send an email containing the same brochure. If your customer has more enquiries, your CRM software will send an email stating that an agent will be assigned to them. In the meantime, a sales agent will receive a ticket bearing the customer's name and details of the previous interactions.




No business is like another. Every business has different goals in mind when starting a business and sets different KPIs. While their product may be the same, one is more successful than the other. 

Why is that the case? 

Simply because one business puts more effort into customising CRM than the other. Having a customised CRM can do wonders for you. You can track packages, orders, past purchases etc., from a dashboard. You can run several reports and add extensions to improve the efficiency of the software. 


Why choose Optimiser for Retail?


Power of one platform 

You can handle all your appointments from a single platform with a fully customisable appointment booking system. You can handle multiple outlets from one place rather than switching between apps. Plus, you can cut out the no-shows with the online payment feature. The integrated CRM and marketing suite will effectively allow you to build your brand image in the market. With a seamless onboarding process, you will be up and running in no time with Optimiser experts on your side, aiding you in unlocking the full potential of your CRM platform. 


Scheduling system 

This intelligent scheduling system embeds your website; it will save you time while booking appointments. You can book them from your phone without any hitch. Plus, your booking schedule for the week will be visible in one view. The calendar allows you to assign meetings and avoid clashes with other potential appointments. 

Your Shop suite comes with secure bookings and sends reminder emails to customers as their appointment closes to ensure that they show up.



Management of staff 

Additionally, you can roster staff efficiently with a click. Create a rostering schedule for your different outlets based on bookings. You can even calculate tips/ commissions and salaries of the employees without sitting down with an excel sheet. Optimiser's shop suite will assist you in calculating the final payout and bonuses.  



Optimiser's shop suite is fully customisable, integrative and scalable. It comes with an intelligent AI that boosts your customer data analysis. You can run unlimited reports. The in-built marketing suite allows you to build your brand to improve customer retention and acquisition. You will have several templates to choose from and create your own. Add a personal touch to your emails to connect better with the customers. 



A Retail CRM software like Optimiser is easy to use and flexible. You can grow and sell better with AI-enabled automation and boost decision making with data-driven insights. It manages both customers and employees and allows you to achieve ambitious KPI goals that you set for business.


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