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What Optimiser can do for hospitality?

Customer relationship management software can help hotels understand the expectations of their clients. Apart from handling the leads, CRM is a useful tool to provide customer support and collect customer feedback.

A hotel CRM solution has all the functionality of CRM software plus some added features that suit the unique needs of the hotels and their operations. Hotels can manage their loyalty programs, get a unified customer view and manage customer expectations. 


Benefits of a CRM in the hospitality industry

  • Working on the concept of occupancy, low occupancy means fewer profits in the hotel industry. Oftentimes, hotels display fewer rooms on their websites because they are not sure if the rooms are occupied or not. With CRM software, they can be sure of the same and advertise the correct number of rooms available. The CRM will also give them a glimpse into what room will be unoccupied after which date and when it can be put up on the website. They can maintain a high rate of occupancy efficiently. 
  • CRM can boost the retention rate in a hotel. A returning customer is a delight for all hoteliers as they focus more on retention than acquisition. These guests have experienced the best of the hotel and might be open to giving recommendations and feedback. 
  • Hotels use multiple sources to gather leads. A CRM integrates all these channels into a platform and allows them to place an equal amount of significance on each of them
  • Following up with the customers is important. It gives a view of their preferences and whether they will book a room with the hotel or not. If one is not following up with the potential guest, they may lose them to a competitor. 
  • The sales process of a hotel is far more streamlined than it used to be. CRM promotes transparency of data and enables easy operations of the sales and set strategies that suit the hotel. The dashboard in CRM keeps the data unified in one place. The sales members can take a quick look at this information while working and plan their strategy judiciously. This centralised system ensures that the data is not duplicated anywhere.



  • Integrations of third-party websites are a must as these booking platforms are used by almost all hotels to garner more bookings. Collecting the data in one place and allowing the hotel to analyse what works out best for their business. 
  • If the hotel owners have more than one property, CRM software can reduce a significant workload. They can roster between the data of every property and manage the occupancy issue. 


What can do for Hospitality

Bring your data to one platform

Optimiser collates scattered data in one place for utilisation to analyse customer behaviour and demographics. A centralised data management system, it stores your information so that you do not have to switch from one platform to another. 


Team collaboration 

Acting as a single source of truth, Optimiser increases accountability and transparency within the team. By storing the account history and contact management, hotels can create a comprehensive and personalised user experience. Additionally, to keep the information secure, you can grant access to employees on the basis of their roles.



Prospect engagement 

Segregate the prospect type as per your requirements and deliver the messages to the clients to connect with your business with the help of workflow automation. 

Make use of the marketing suite to engage these prospects and nurture them. 


Retain guests

With company data make smarter decisions and boost the retention rate of the customers. Using the Sales suite, keep your strategies customer-focused and follow their journey from acquisition to retention. The marketing suite can be used to disseminate information about promotions and discounts. 


Generating revenue

Happy guests reflect on the revenue. Smoothening the operation to improve the profits of the business, Optimiser CRM can be used to send personalised emails using marketing automation to boost revenue generation 


CRM- Implementation 

Whether you are part of the hotel industry or retail, the implementation of CRM matters. The vendor alone cannot guarantee the success of the CRM if it is not implemented correctly. You will need to keep these tips in mind while implementing a Hotel CRM:


  • Plan beforehand and define the deliverables. Keep your expectations clear and simple. You will begin to see the difference in your operations bit by bit after you implement the CRM. Contrary to the popular myth that CRM shows immediate change, it takes the software time to adapt to your unique needs and perform as per your expectations. 
  • CRM implementation comes with change management. Prepare a plan to deal with these changes and listen to the feedback of your employees during the implementation period. 
  • Training is vital. At Optimiser, you will be guided by an expert team and tutorials to enjoy the full potential of the platform. Your employees will receive the training, likewise. One time training is never enough. It is a continuous process. 
  • Monitor your CRM regularly. Plan CRM audits for success. CRM integrations are significant. Optimiser offers customised integrations with specific websites. 



Apart from streamlining operations and processing communication, about 76% of hotel owners say that CRM helps them analyse their guests better. CRM software is a boon for the hotel industry. However, beofre choosing the new hospitality solution, you need to understand signs that your existing hotel management software isn't working for you. Once you know that, it comes pretty easy to understand what all options do you require in the hospitality CRM. 



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