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What is the best way to organise even the busiest calendar?

How can CRM help me with organisation?

What is a CRM calendar?

CRM integrations with email

One-way appointment booking system

So many salespeople spend the majority of their day doing organisational work, arranging their calendar for meetings and calls, and fielding even more requests for meeting up with people. The marketing department will have multiple campaigns and events to organise at once. Even the CEO will be fielding calls left, right, and centre as they try to manage everything else on their busy workload.

What we’re trying to say is: the modern office is overrun with administrative work, organisational chaos and messy calendars. But things don’t need to be that way! Modern calendar organisation tools have grown in sophistication and number, and are now the best way to organise even the busiest schedule. Read on to discover how you could begin creating a more structured calendar today.


How can CRM help me with organisation?

CRM (customer relationship management) software is a tool that businesses use to optimise their customer relationships: proven to be one of the most effective ways of building revenue and retaining customers. 

Modules of Optimiser’s core CRM integrate with the CRM calendar in order to streamline the way employees handle their customer relationships; but that’s not all! Paired with automations, integrations and CRM modules, employees from any department can view colleagues’ schedules, be onboarded easily onto new projects and work together more cohesively.


What is a CRM calendar?

A CRM calendar is a function of the CRM platform that is built into the software. In other words, when you login to access your CRM tools, an organisational calendar is one of the primary functions you will use. 


The benefits of having a calendar in your CRM system are:

  • Works for every employee in every department
  • You can create meetings or calls instantly and have them synchronise with relevant colleagues’ calendars. 
  • You can attach relevant Contacts or Accounts to the calendar slot so that all attendees have the relevant information about the customer and call purpose
  • Automatically build a contact history profile for each Account and allow CRM analytics to provide reports on the relationship
  • Schedule daily meetings to repeat themselves in the calendar automatically
  • Compile events schedules on a specific event-only calendar
  • View colleagues’ holiday, out of office (OOO) and sick days to arrange meetings at the optimum times
  • Get a Today’s View summary of the day’s tasks and meetings every morning to stay prepared 


CRM integrations with email

Optimiser’s CRM offers a number of smooth integrations with essential third party apps to create strong and unified work systems. Some of the most popular integrations for effective calendar scheduling are integrations with email providers.

From the email provider’s tab on your desktop, you can attach your Optimiser CRM in a few simple clicks with no hassle. This allows you to take information communicated via email and send it directly to the CRM. Create meetings and events using text from the email body without needing to ever leave the third party platform.

Benefits of this function are:

  • Faster scheduling
  • No need to switch between platforms
  • Greater data accuracy
  • Never miss a meeting or call again!


One-way appointment booking system

The new superstar function of Optimiser’s Calendar is Book an Appointment. Book an appointment is a simple function that allows third parties to view your calendar availability with total discretion about unavailability, in order to request appointments at a time that is the most convenient with both parties.

The Optimiser user simply needs to:

  1. Enter their availability into the Optimiser system, including: working hours, buffer time between appointments, meeting length, off days, and automatic or manual appointment confirmations
  2. Optimiser generates a shareable link which the Optimiser user provides to anyone who wishes to make an appointment in their calendar
  3. The third party has the chance to enter their details and choose a slot. They will either receive an automated confirmation email, or a manual confirmation or rejection
  4. The slot appears in the Optimiser user’s calendar, either as confirmed, or with the option to accept or reject
  5. If the contact details are not currently in the CRM system, a contact will be made and the information fields auto-fill using the provided data in Book an Appointment

And scheduling a meeting is now as simple as that! No longer do salespeople, marketing reps and managers need to go back and forth using messaging platforms. By eliminating the need for manual Contact and Calendar slot update, this system also reduces the risk of embarrassing errors like incorrectly spelled names, missed appointments or wrong numbers!

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