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What is ERP Software and 3 reasons Optimiser generates value for your business

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is used by enterprises across sectors to streamline information and processes across the organisation’s entire scope. 


But what exactly is it, and why is it that businesses around the world swear by it to optimise their businesses?


Key benefits to modern CRM


As a combined toolkit, Optimiser’s ERP integrates all the resources across the business’s scope and creates a streamlined information process centred around a scalable cloud database. The organisation’s shared database acts as the central point around which all departments, operations, targets and actions feed into, and take vital information from. This would lead to:


  • Increases productivity

With a streamlined and centralised point for all IT business processes, your teams spend less time navigating between tabs and systems, and generate more work with fewer resources


  • Accelerates reporting

Fast-track analytics with smart AI reports into custom data sets, and gain easy-to-read reports. Share feedback on-platform with relevant teams and create actionable, data-led KPIs


  • Simplifies IT

Integrated ERP software means all of your usual outgoing IT costs and subscriptions fall under a single monthly invoice: less to manage, a single system to learn, and fewer outgoing costs


  • Enhances insights

A single platform to act as the single source of truth for your business. Data from the entire business scope feeding into one place increases business intelligence, and gives a live view of performance as it stands


  • Improves flexibility

Live reports on performance, tasks, KPIs and forecasts ensures you can update business targets and to-do lists as they happen: overcoming challenges faster and making the most of arising opportunities


  • Lowers risk

Heightened business intelligence allows you to prepare for industry fluctuations, and foresee challenges that pose a threat to your business. Data-led insights on best-course-of-action take the risk out of innovation


How that generates value for your business


1- Real-time insights

With all components of your enterprise feeding data into a single point, Optimiser helps you gain quick and accurate insights into your global performance, on both a macro and micro scale. Integrations with a customisable reporting feature ensures increased business intelligence to help you make insightful data-driven decisions.


Your employees can access all the accurate and most up-to-date information they need to do their jobs well, with no need for sharing secure files with unsecure third parties or the need to manually re-key information. Resulting in higher data accuracy and better time management.


Optimiser’s database feeding into the on-platform daily dashboard updates ensures employees are all on the same page, understand the key performance metrics, working towards relevant KPIs with no need for daily update calls for task allocation.


2- Automation of core processes

Once all the departments of your business are working from the same centralised database, the need for a lot of the manual and repetitive tasks will be made redundant and limited. Tasks such as sharing documents and reports, data integration, and inter-departmental KPI tracking are automated by Optimiser, or turned into two-click processes that save valuable time.


See the direct trickle down of activity from your sales and marketing teams by having reports feed directly into the finance team, allowing them to close their books more quickly, evaluate successes and move forwards comprehensively as a business to meet shared targets.


3- Enhance your customer relationships

Allow your teams to build exceptional and loyal relationships with your clients and leads by providing all your customer services from a single point: Optimiser. A single database for your contacts and accounts allows your teams to collect comprehensive notes on historic preferences, purchases and communications.


The larger your customer information database grows, the better your teams will be able to automate processes, forecast sales probabilities, and make more informed decisions, faster. Our solutions suites containing ticketing systems, lead conversions and customer segmentations make it possible to accelerate productivity across the scope of your enterprise.


Scalable, customisable ERP: for everyone


ERP for Small Business

Manage each element of your business, accelerate growth and increase productivity. All the tools and knowledge you need to optimise operations: streamlined onto a single, easy-to-manage platform. Optimiser’s scalable ERP is the best way to give your growing enterprise the boost it needs to build strong foundations and up.


Mid-sized ERP

Mid-sized companies benefit from cloud-based ERP due to its flexibility. The ability to rapidly deploy new capabilities and add users means that the software is constantly evolving to meet new needs in the stages of fast upward trajectory. Scale and become a competitive industry player, with tools for best practice and analytics to solidify your place in the market.


ERP for large scale Enterprise

Large scale enterprise ERP is a vital tool for bringing business operations from across the globe, together into a single place. Evaluate the success of multiple territories, departments and ventures from one database, save time and allow for increased efficiency for your teams. Review KPIs and send out targets on-platform to update divisions live, anywhere in the world. Deployed wherever you need it, entirely scalable, with AI capabilities and powerful integrations, global enterprise ERP is every bit as capable as you require it to be.


Sound too good to be true? It isn’t!


ERP software can be a very manageable and user-friendly way to create successes for your enterprise. Depending on how many user logins and functions you’d like your ERP to have, it can range from affordable, to a sizeable investment, but nevertheless one that will transform your business. Get in touch with Optimiser today to start your journey with ERP.


Optimiser is a comprehensive CRM software company, providing businesses a customisable solution to their personal goals for sales, productivity, and growth. Powerful integrated modules include lead management software, a B2B sales toolkit, automated marketing suite and more for sale under a single subscription. Try Optimiser’s CRM software demo with access to the full Enterprise Licence FREE for 30 days, and find out how you can skyrocket productivity in just one month!


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