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Website Builder vs. Web Designer: What’s the Best Way to Get a Website?

Any poorly designed web page will ensure that people do not interact with the webpage. In one glance, they will close the website and not think about what you are selling. 

However, building a website begs the question: To use a website builder or a web designer? 

Will a Do-It-Yourself website builder offer as much effectiveness as a web designer? There are advantages and disadvantages to both sides. Let us explore the differences to determine whether your business needs a web page designer or a website builder fruitful for you. 


What is a website builder?

A do it yourself tool, a website builder, is used by a business to construct a website using pre-made templates. They do not have to design anything or write the codes themselves. 

  • These low code solutions have been gaining traction since the pandemic has struck. Businesses had no other option but to move online to keep them floating above the water. However, they have discovered that web designing can be done cost-effectively. Website Builders tend to be cheaper than hiring a web designer.
  • Even if you cannot make a template, you will have access to hundreds of templates that will suit your individual needs. From then on, widgets and design elements can be added to a website for personal branding. There are many top website builders in the market, but Optimiser's Touchpoint might prove to be the best solution for you. 
  • Easy to use and flexible, users can employ the drag and drop feature to design their website. You will have customer support that will assist you while building the website for a small fee, and you can design your templates without prior coding knowledge. 
  • It has its speciality, such as easy integration with Optimiser's robust CRM and SEO integration with social media tools. You can create personalised marketing templates or choose from the existing ones. You will have a comprehensive set of in-built tools at your disposal that gives you the freedom to design your dream website and manage it.



Website builders are available both online and offline. However, the platforms have a fundamental difference: An offline website builder allows you to build your website through a platform that has been downloaded on your computer. In contrast, an online website builder allows you to do everything through a browser.

Once you are done constructing the elements for your site, you can upload these files from your computer to a web host in the case of the offline site builder. This will be then published online. For example, Optimiser Touchpoint is an online website builder. So all you need is an internet connection and a browser to build a site for your business.


What is a web designer? 

A graphic designer who can create a website from scratch for a business is a web designer. While with a website builder, you have to work using the templates existing in the system. You can craft your website however you want on a blank canvas with a web designer. 

To build a website using a web designer, you can either hire a freelance web designer to create a web design or an agency or company that offers a team of web designers, developers and marketers. This team will cater to your every need from the stage of conception into the finalisation of the website. 


So, what is the main difference between a Web designer and a web developer?

To begin with, these are two different terms; not to confuse them, a developer turns your web design into a functioning platform while the designer focuses on its aesthetics, that is, how your website will look after creation. 

Web designers create the design you wish to advertise on your site, after which they need to be built. That is where the web developers swoop in. They construct the website with coding knowledge and turn it into a functional website.



Which is right for you- Website Builder or Web Designer?

It purely depends on the individual needs of every business.  In the case of a website builder, there are many good reasons. It is easy, it is fast, and it is cheap. This is why website builders are extremely popular amongst smaller businesses. You can choose your subscription package and pay for the tools you need. This do-it-yourself solution allows you to build your own website in a matter of hours. Website builders will enable you to put in some time and effort to create an effortless website for your business. Mind you, this requires a bit of trial and error to make your site look the way you want. Web designers can create a custom website from scratch to fit your vision. 

Another plus point is the built-in tech support and easy-to-use features. For example, you can easily navigate through the website builder. In addition, if you have any issues, you can contact support for assistance. With a web designer, you can create your personalised templates to form a powerful brand identity. It will remain consistent and make you stand out against your competitors. Web designers are pricey compared to website builders and require time to construct the perfect site, but they are worth the amount put in. You have an unlimited possibility, and they pay extra attention to detail. 



The selection between a website builder and web designer is often made by the business's needs and budget. As mentioned, website builders tend to be cheaper and are preferred by many. However, web designers tend to be effective faster. It can take the website builders to garner the attention of the people.


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