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Using Touchpoint Form Builder for Business

Optimiser Touchpoint Form builder captures the information of the respondents and compiles it all on one platform. 


Optimisation of decision-making processes

Understanding the customers' interests takes priority over all the goals of any business. It is so because once we know what our customers expect of us, we can align our goals with their expectations. It is a win-win situation wherein the customer needs are satisfied and it, in turn, improves the retention rate. 

With Optimiser Touchpoint Form Builder, users can create unlimited forms for surveys, and capture customer information. These can be used to collect data on leads. 

Name, email address, contact information, and other relevant data can help optimise the lead management process. This information will drive decisions that are backed by data.



Cost Optimisation 

In the market, many tools offer you a host of services. 

Rather than investing in an offline survey that includes the tedious process of gathering people, asking them about their views and spending time to evaluate their responses. Time is, by far, the most valuable and expensive business expense. No amount of time can be recovered once lost. 

This invisible cost is something businesses cannot afford with the increasing competition in the market. 

Online forms are a better alternative given that they save both time and financial resources. You do not have to invest in paper, pen and printer to collect data on people. 


Lead Generation 

Forms are an effective tool for lead generations. On an online campaign, your target audience will either land on the landing page or the page you have directed them to. To understand if you want them on the landing page or elsewhere, you will need data. This will help you understand the customer mindset and what they are expecting to gain from your products and/ or services. 

Optimiser Touchpoint forms have a lead-generating aspect. You can embed the form into your website or on the landing page. Forms will record the visitors' responses and when a respondent submits a form, the creator will receive a notification of the same. An easy gird view on the platform will allow you to check the recorded responses. 


Form Sharing 

Sharing forms using Optimser Touchpoint is extremely easy. Since the form can embed into the website, you can simply send the link to the concerned parties. Additionally, you can prioritise fields. This means you can include particular fields as mandatory such as email addresses or phone numbers. 

On a social media platform, your followers will be redirected from the website link easily.


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Effective Lead Capturing 

Forms can allow you to capture high-volume leads. It can be very hard to figure out which lead is more likely to convert into a paying customer. 

By adding field validation, you can verify the email addresses of the leads and this will be of value to you. You would not be going around chasing low volume leads. Your efforts will be focused on those who are interested in purchasing products and/ or services from you.


Unlimited Forms  

Optimiser Touchpoint allows you to create unlimited forms for a small fee. You can make your website look stunning and engaging with added branding experience and breaking down of complex forms. 

To identify the areas of improvement, bottlenecks, customer behaviour and market trends, you will need to create a lot of forms. A single form will not be able to collect this much information given how the market trends change now and then. 

Creating n number of forms can play in your favour as the customer feedback is implemented, and they will feel valued. It persuades them to return to your business and purchase your products again. 


Email Notification

Every time a respondent submits a form, the creator will receive email notification of the same. These responses are recorded on the Optimiser Touchpoint platform. You can enable or disable email notifications. These are there to ensure that you do not miss out on any response submitted and can pay equal attention to all. 


Improved User Experience 

Customisation is preferred by most individuals because the audience wants to experience things that suit their unique tastes. Forms can engage the audience. If you are looking to offer the best user experience, with Optimiser Touchpoint you can set themes, images, fonts, and colours. With 20+ fields, elements and properties, you have everything that you need to personalise user experience.

This personalisation will pique consumer curiosity and persuade them to purchase from you. 



Forms come with amazing advantages that can add value to any business. Optimiser Touchpoint forms allow business owners to gather data through surveys and benefit from their campaigns. They have become a part of every business because they are used for consumer data collection as well as for employees. Furthermore, integrate your Touchpoint platform with Optimiser CRM to improve productivity, smoothen operations and reduce repitative tasks.This unique feature will allow you to further your organisation and stand against your competitors.


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