Top 3 ways digital sales and marketing can help you succeed in your business plan | optimiser

Top 3 ways digital sales and marketing can help you succeed in your business plan

Digital marketing and sales for… Increased revenue

Digital marketing and sales for… Expansion and growth

Digital marketing and sales for… Better customer retention


Dependent on what your overall goals for your business are, your digital tools can perform functions to help you meet KPIs faster. What you might not know is that, no matter whether you have invested in sales tools, marketing tools or both, there is a way to use them in which you can achieve any goal you have for your business! Intrigued? Read on to find out how the instruments you need to optimise your performance may already be in your toolkit.


Digital marketing and sales for… Increased revenue

So now you’ve identified that increased revenue is what you are hoping to gain from your business game plan, it’s important to identify which sales and marketing digital tools can help you achieve this. 

To increase revenue through your sales and marketing, your key considerations should be building credibility and trust with your audience. Both the sales and marketing teams can employ the use of their digital toolkits to engage and create meaningful relationships with the strongest prospects.

Predictive lead scoring: Predictive lead scoring unites the efforts of your marketing and sales teams. By collecting data about where your most lucrative accounts originate from, who the most engaged audience demographic are, and what their progression through the sales funnel tends to look like. Based on these reports, marketing can pass along the strongest leads for sales to focus on onboarding: more accurately allocating resources and seeing an increase in revenue generated.

Integrations: Unite the actions of marketing and sales into a single database that collects all historical company data. By allowing any member of staff to access and utilise the most accurate and up to date company data, you ensure that work processes are synchronised, on time, and always focussed on scoring KPIs. It also reduces the risk of error and duplicate work, saving drains on time and financial resources.


Digital marketing and sales for… Expansion and growth

The expansion of your business typically takes place once customers are being encouraged to make repeat sales by being valued. By creating advocates in your existing set of customers, you can grow rapidly with very little effort.

If you aim to expand and grow in new, unfounded directions, it is important to listen to what your marketing and sales data is feeding back to you. With new advances in digital sales and marketing tools, AI has never been easier and more affordable to integrate into your daily processes, allowing you to push boundaries into new markets with less risk and higher confidence.

Analytics: Analytics help you understand and interpret the tonnes of data that you receive about your business every hour of every day. Using analytics, you can create simple and clear reports on where your customers are coming from, the journeys they take through your funnel, and the point at which the lead converts into a sale. Building on this information allows you to patch user leaks, expand confidently into new markets or territories, and understand how every decision you make regarding your product or service is being received by your audience. 

Email marketing: Not only does email marketing present companies with an ROI of up to 4400%, but it allows you to expand your reach by adding personalised subject lines that encourage recipients to engage with your messaging. Furthermore, specific audience segments can be targeted according to interest, location, demographic and more, meaning you are more likely to find that your audience is willing to take action from your messaging, prompting an increase in clicks and conversions.

Contacts and Accounts: Comprehensive profiles of your customers in Contact and Account modules allow you to understand your client purchase history in order to make easy repeat sales, and monitor and follow up on accounts and subscriptions with less maintenance required. By connecting related Accounts with their relevant Contacts from linked companies, it also allows you to create relationships and proxy sales.


Digital marketing and sales for… Better customer retention

CRM integrations are the top way of ensuring your sales and marketing teams are keeping the customer at the core of all brand-related activity. While you may have a defined idea of what overall goals you have for your business plan, the fact is that customer retention, business expansion and increasing revenue often come hand in hand, which is why you will find there’s a crossover in the tools required for each business plan.

Automations: Automations help your sales and marketing teams with a high volume of leads and client accounts to nurture. By pre-setting certain messaging tailored to unique stages in the sales funnel or a particular contact demographic, teams will find an increase in the time and financial resources available to handle more complex queries and get creative with the way they reach out to new clients. 

Contacts and Accounts: Catering specific deals and offers to contacts based on historical information collected about their interests, previous purchases and history with the company allows sales and marketing teams to carefully tailor messaging and make clients feel as though they are being valued and listened to. Customer retention is also encouraged through the linking of profile information and goal orientation, to ensure that the company’s overall KPIs are aligned with what contacts find are the reason they continue to purchase from your business. 

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