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Tips for choosing a CRM provider for your small business

Choosing a CRM suite for your company can be intimidating when there are so many options that claim to create business miracles.

If you have never worked with a CRM toolkit before, it is there to optimise your internal management and organisation procedures, make retaining customers easier, and to grow your business. However, within this structure are a lot of footnotes. Our blog will help you single out what questions you should be asking of CRM providers in order to make that all-important choice.

What options are there to customise?

The first most important feature of any CRM platform is flexibility. This means there is room for expansion and growth, while still ensuring you are not paying for functions you do not need during the offset.

Does it integrate with other applications?

Integrations are among the most useful features for your CRM subscription to have. Not only does it show that the technology your provider uses is compatible with other companies’, it means your CRM is functioning as it should do: as a virtual core for all your business operations. Figure out which software you can’t live without and make sure your new provider will integrate with it.

Is it hosted on the cloud?

CRM should ideally be hosted on the cloud, as the cloud acts as a safety net for your data. Because the cloud doesn’t require tonnes of physical space for hardcopies, it also tends to be a cheaper option for businesses, and is easily scalable to meet needs of a growing business. Other features of cloud-hosted CRM include less maintenance, automatic updates and simpler onboarding. Cloud-stored data is accessible to all your teams from everywhere, allowing you to collaborate with your people from anywhere in the world.

What are the features?

Before starting out the gate, it is important to decide what features you require of your CRM. Make a ‘wish list’ and ensure the provider checks off every box. Essential features for any business no matter how small include: reports, automations, contacts and pipeline, to ensure your business has the tools it needs to manage, retain and grow.

Is there a trial period?

A trial period indicates the business is sure of the quality of their product, and it should act as a warning sign if they do not offer one. The trial period also allows you to figure out how the CRM works alongside your business, the features it offers, and how it can be used to support you going forward. During the trial period you will also get a feeling for how their customer support team interacts with its clients and how much assistance will be available to you.

What is the user interface like?

A clean interface is more essential than you might think. Being able to use your CRM intuitively means less time adjusting for your current teams, and less time spent onboarding future members of staff. It also makes processes simplified, and gives you a clearer set of insights into the key elements of your business.

What are the pricing options?

Pricing should indicate the level of features available to you. If there is a comprehensive pricing structure, you can be assured you aren’t being charged a higher fee than you should be as a small business. Pricing is entirely flexible and very varied across different types of CRM and so there should always be an option that suits you, often with customisable billing intervals to suit your needs best.

Once you have an answer to all these questions, you will be better informed on which provider to go with!

Remember to always bear in mind your unique business needs, your company, industry and goals for progression. If you have trouble identifying these, know that Optimiser’s first step is working closely with your business to pinpoint ways in which our platform can help you, and customising a subscription that matches your requirements.

Training and onboarding services by Optimiser help you understand your CRM and how exactly it will help you by meeting all the essential criteria listed in this blog. Alongside the CRM essentials, Optimiser offers a full suite of integratable toolkits for your marketing, task management and cloud data management: enhancing every element of your business.

Optimiser is a comprehensive CRM software company, providing businesses a customisable solution to their personal goals for sales, productivity, and growth. Powerful integrated modules include lead management software, a B2B sales toolkit, automated marketing suite and more for sale under a single subscription. Try Optimiser’s CRM software demo with access to the full Enterprise Licence FREE for 30 days, and find out how you can skyrocket productivity in just one month!

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