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Project Management

Things To Know About Project Management Software

Project management software has revolutionised the way managers stay on top of their projects, helping save time and juggle multiple pressing tasks at once with relative ease. Over time the software used for project management has become increasingly sophisticated, encompassing the entire scope of project management from costing, to deadlines, priorities and allocations. Optimiser’s excellent project management software integrates with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools on a larger scale, to link projects with their related pipelines, accounts or contacts for contextually-relevant planning.


Almost any business performing projects, particularly client-led projects, will use some form of software to manage the routine tasks involved such as tracking, estimation, finance and delivery. These functions are especially relevant to industries such as service providers, consultation companies and marketing agencies; used to satisfy clients and produce excellent quality work. 


What is involved in project management?

For those of you wondering whether our project management software is right for you, let’s first investigate what is involved in managing a project. Each project that your company undertakes is an opportunity to impress, build loyalty, and generate revenue. Project management encompases all of the strategies and tools you use to plan and deliver projects on time and on budget. To do this successfully, the strategic management of the key elements of a project is essential, including:


  • Task management: the creation, allocation and monitoring of tasks, priorities and deadlines
  • Sharing: a comprehensive store of relevant, up-to-date data including documents, contacts and calendars to ensure everyone can easily access key information
  • Reports: the ability to monitor the project metrics throughout and generate reports about efficiency and success, with suggested improvements for future


Optimiser assists with these in the form of the following software tools:


  • User collaborations
  • Team dashboard
  • Shared calendar
  • Shared files
  • Analytics
  • Custom reporting
  • Task management
  • Invoicing
  • Forecasting


Optimising the full project management cycle

In the context of the project management cycle, these software tools enhance the way manual tasks are completed throughout. As any manager knows, the conceptualisation and review stages are just as important, if not more, than the execution of a project. Optimiser’s CRM tools have been designed by industry experts who understand the difficulties of project management, and are dedicated to building the best ways in which to meet everyday challenges. 




From the moment a project is conceptualised, project management software comes into play. Working with historic data, analytics powered by AI feed you data-led insights about forecasts. Whether the forecasts are about the success of previous projects, predictive consumer trends, or industry fluctuations, Optimiser can help you get an early look at projected financial gains, ROI, potential pitfalls, and assist you in making a strong foundation on which to confidently pitch your idea.



If the conceptualisation stage didn’t highlight any major issues, project management moves on to planning. In terms of our software, this is where the shared cloud database begins to be useful. Optimiser’s shared drive is a limitless cloud database, with individual user storage capabilities and on-platform file sharing. Team members can easily feed into the same shared file for accurate record keeping and document collaboration. Task management tools are often included in project management software, allowing managers to create, allocate and prioritise tasks for the team. In the planning stage, this feature is essential to keep teams up to date, on target and to maintain project transparency. Tasks can be edited, commented on, and deleted to retain flexibility as priorities change throughout the execution stage.



While the projects are being carried out, there is nothing more important than maintaining a synchronised workflow. Optimiser’s project management suite allows each user profile to log in to a cloud-based shared calendar for an immediate view of upcoming deadlines and new tasks. View team members’ progress and task status on the team dashboard and send essential messages for quick-view by relevant project members. User collaboration is an important interface design feature across Optimiser’s entire CRM platform. Integrations and team working features link every part of the project management workflow to create a singular, comprehensive database: essential to the final stage of project management.



Our custom reports module works with user-defined segments of project data to identify successes in relevant areas, gain insights into the external project response/ satisfaction, and ascertain whether the outcome correlates with the projections from conceptualisation stage for more accurate forecasting. Automatically generated invoicing tool saves your finance team time on creating and personalising invoices, and chasing on late payments to ensure remuneration is accurate and time-effective.



Project management software is a vital tool for any business that wishes to streamline their workflow, and make the leap from manual to digital project management: a consideration every company should be making in the face of the new digital workplace of 2021. 


Find out more by signing up for our FREE 30-day trial, or give us a call to speak with a member of our expert team to understand how Optimiser’s Project Management suite can help your business thrive.


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