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Why you should be using Task Management Software to track your projects

If you’re reading this, we’re willing to bet you’re familiar with having multiple ongoing projects to manage, each containing its own tasks, data and people that need directing. In these instances, organisation is just as important as the accuracy and profitability of your projects: in fact, it leads to them. 

Manual planning brings about a whole host of potential issues that can cause your projects to be delivered late, over-budget or in a way which upsets your customers. Forgotten tasks, slow delivery and manual updates, time wasting, incorrect data, and unclear resource attribution can all cause issues. Project tracking software helps you create strategic workflows that hit deadlines and stay within budget, with less time spent on manual planning. When looking for a Task Management Software, the essential functions to abate the typical issues are:

Project Planning and Tracking: Task management software should be accessible from every user login that you create for your employees, allowing you to oversee and manage all tasks for all departments. Create shared KPIs that line up with the business’s overall goals, and track communication from the start to the end of the project with communal chat windows. The ability to share documents and relevant data means you can zip through tasks with ease.

Time Management: Your project management software should help you meet deadlines by allowing you to assign individual team members tasks, create collaborative team tasks, and allocate priorities. Teams can keep up to date with their daily task lists using a daily summary dashboard, and live updates when there are changes in priorities or task status ensure you are always aware of the progress of your projects.

Resource Allocation: Track the progression of your projects to balance your resources and keep your teams working at peak efficiency. Your software should be able to create unified targets and shared deadlines to help you identify bottlenecks or areas of saturation, and if necessary, reallocate resources where they are needed. This should include software to track and manage your budget that integrates seamlessly with your finance team.

Cloud Flexibility: Task management tools should always be cloud-based to be the most useful. This allows you to provide access to all relevant personnel, at any time, anywhere in the world. From a single platform you can get live updates and real-time feedback, and be assured the data you are using is the most up to date version. Save time on off-platform file sharing and communications, both externally and internally between departments, gather and coordinate all communications and data stores from a unified store.

Integrated with your CRM: You task management should integrate with the rest of your CRM tools. The valuable data you gain from your projects can be used to forecast future successes, guide smart decision-making processes, generate custom reports and enhance your pipeline and sales funnel management. Analytic technology makes planning effortless, and takes the guesswork out of estimations to help you better allocate resources, manage time and create strategies.

Overall, project tracking leads to more efficient processes that speed up completion time and overhaul business operations including budget, scope and quality, under a single management software. Often intuitive and easy to use, Task Management Software is an excellent solution for SMEs and for Enterprise management that integrates easily and quickly with your other processes to become an essential and useful part of your work life. Most importantly, project tracking boosts your customer relationships by delivering projects on time, with faster resolutions, on-target budgets, and better communications, meaning more happy and satisfied customers.

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