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Event Management Software

Manage the Arts Industry Boom with Event and Project Management

What is an event management software?

Benefits of event management software

Optimiser's event management and project management suite


The art and entertainment sector of the United Kingdom has been one of the most affected areas by the Covid-19 pandemic. The industry also sets the nation’s image apart from the world. It contributes to the tourism sector as well. 

Considering the industry is worth billions, the government has been amping up its efforts to revive the sector to its glory. Many shows are being conducted online to ensure that the artists do not suffer due to lockdown. 

One of the main features that assist them in organising and managing events is the Event Management Software



What is an Event Management Software?

An event management software is a Software as a Service (Saas). It enables the planner to manage the activities of the event from the beginning to the end. There are two types of event management software: 

1. Software that manages specific activities like registration, ticketing, planning etc.

2. Software that manages and analyses every activity associated with the event. 

It supports the lifecycle of the events such as Project Management, Marketing, Experience, and Performance. 



Benefits of an Event Management Software

Efficient Event Management 

The prime benefit of event management software is that it can make the event planner's life easier. Such software can easily automate tasks that otherwise require a great deal of manual effort and allows event managers to focus on areas that otherwise need attention. 

In case you are managing several events at once, this software will prove to be helpful.


Save Time and Effort

Registration tracking, payments, reminder emails, campaign events etc., can be automated. You can easily view who has paid, who has not, and who RSVPed to the event. 

You will track how much revenue the event generated without having someone monitor the process. It gives you insights into the entire event. 

Professionalism and Customisation

Event Management software ensures that the event runs seamlessly. It makes managing events relatively easier and improves the experience for customers. 

You are bound to never miss any communication from the customers.



Engagement Elevation

Engagement is what ensures that your event succeeds. Even before the event has happened, you have created hype around it. Marketing the event through email campaigns, making social media posts, and sharing communications with customers ensures that the event succeeds. 


Targetted Activity

Specialised solutions to suit every event are provided by the management software. For example, you can create unique guest lists and send the mail to the targeted customers. This is most suitable for Event Management Software for art and entertainment purposes. Event managers can target their customers more accurately. 


Holistic Approach

This software is a hub for all the information necessary for your events. You can manage it all from one platform to avoid any data mishap. From sponsor info, agenda for the day, speakers, performers, managers, team members involved, and the attendees. 



Optimiser’s Event Management and Project Management Suite

Manage your projects with an intelligent automation system that is built to aid your day-to-day tasks required to plan a successful event. It is one of the best onsite event management tools.


Event Management Suite

  • Plan and organise events from one platform seamlessly. You can schedule conferences, launches and events using CRM integrated email marketing

  • Prepare for pre-event engagement across multiple channels. You can manage the number of invites and attendees with ease. This is the perfect opportunity to generate suspense around the event. 

  • You can manage the registration process smoothly. And collaborate with all the parties involved. 

  • With Optimiser, you can view all the upcoming deadlines, task lists, priorities and manage budget details from one platform. 

  • Automated tasks save time to focus on planning a successful event and collaborating with several teams without any data mishap.



Project Management Suite

  • With powerful project management software and tools, you can work on multiple projects at once.

  • Streamline your workflow process and coordinate with your teams. Clear performance reports can help you analyse your goals achieved and set targets for new projects. 

  • Monitor your teams' output and help them collaborate with each other. A group calendar that is visible to all ensures smooth communication and avoids clashes with another meeting. 

  • Share data with the departments error-free without any third-party hosts. 

  • For event management, you can gain insights into how successful your events were. These provide easy-to-read and customisable graphs that can help you understand your events' performance better. 

  • Using these analytics, you can allocate your resources more consciously.

Within a single platform that is equipped with several event management tools, event planners can manage multiple events at the same time and ensure that nothing goes out of place. These not only make the lives of the managers and planners easier but also makes them that much more efficient. 


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