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How to Reduce Business Complexity with Optimiser?

Business tends to be complicated as one has tons of data stored. This data is used for lead generation, sales strategy, marketing campaigns, performance analysis and much more. But what can be even more of a hassle when the process of conducting business is complicated. Because if your team members are not aware of how to handle the data, you are virtually blind, and the business will tank.

Business automation software, Optimiser is a solution that simplifies the business cycle and allows processing data easier and swiftly.



“There is a point of complexity beyond which a business is no longer manageable”

Peter F. Drucker 


Complex CRM Solution

  • CRM systems have various in-built capabilities, due to which they are hard to navigate through. Only by hours of training and dedication will you be able to understand the work process. It might take you even longer to fully utilise these solutions because you only have the basics of the software. 
  • Additionally, due to too much information being bombarded on the team members, they might forget some key features due to no long-term usage. That will require more time to re-learn the process.
  • Furthermore, even if the CRM has built-in abilities for increased transparency, you will likely not witness this for a while upon implementation. While your employees are learning to use the software, they will be prone to making mistakes. Not that these mistakes cannot be resolved, it simply will set you back with your deadlines. More time will be devoted to re-checking the data to ensure that the information is accurate. Even with the automated workflow, the system will draw reports on data provided by you as well. 
  • It can become a huge source of frustration within the organisation as they cannot understand how the system works. This can lead to communication gaps as well as inter and intra team conflicts. Alignments that were maintained will be in disharmony and yet need more time for resolving. 
  • While these may be the best CRM Solution in the industry, do not discount an easy to use system that can potentially topple them. 
  • In the long run, if you do not understand the CRM system you have adopted, your business will suffer. Even with the reports and automated workflow, you will not be able to change much. Simply because the solution you adopted is complicated and too complex to be used. You will need a team of CRM experts to operate it for you, which implies spending more revenue in a field where it can be potentially saved. This can be devoted to marketing campaigns, investments, development of new products and upgrading your system.





How can Optimiser Reduce Business Complexity?


1. Power of One Platform 

Observe your customer journey and significant store data on one platform. You need not switch between applications to collate data or hunt through information silos to gain old records. Simply type away the data, and the records will pull it out for you. Simple, efficient and easy to learn, Optimiser aims to simplify business processes. It is the best CRM solution for those who do not consider themselves tech-savvy.  

Oversee the customer journey and the sales pipeline to determine the performance of your business with charts and graphs.


2. Impressive built-in capabilities 

With Optimiser, you will see that the transparency and accountability that most seek within their organisation is visible immediately. This is applicable because the system is so easy to learn that the employees can navigate through it instantly. It will not require a massive amount of time to master, and with guided demonstration, you can master this CRM solution with ease. 


3. Customisable

For every business, Optimiser offers customisation so that they can get their money’s worth. Not every business needs to require a unified solution. Some only seek specific solutions such as a sales suite, marketing suite, or project management suite. Optimiser offers numerous packages at unbeatable prices that can be afforded by smaller as well as big businesses.


4. Reduces Conflicts and Improves Alignment 

This business automation software ensures that the teams can communicate without any trouble. From setting up the calendar for every team member’s reference to marking down deadlines and appointments, Optimiser allows you to oil the gears for a smooth workflow. In addition, you will receive a notification for every action triggered on the platform (say, setting a meeting or information about holidays). 

Once your team members can coordinate, they will be aligned with their strategies. Your organisation will have solved one of the biggest conflicts that most companies suffer from, misalignment between departments. 



Optimiser is the ideal solution for you if you find it difficult to navigate through the CRM system. These systems tend to be incredibly complex and require time and patience for one to use them properly. Seeing that this is the digital age, the complex answers may not be what a customer might be looking for compared to a simplified and comprehensive CRM system.



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