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How to Create Effective Brand Messaging?

The authentic way in which an organisation communicates its message such as who they are, what they do, and how they are different from others in the market is known as Brand Messaging. The brand message usually brings all the non-visual elements of branding together which creates a verbal and a non-verbal message for the audience. A good CRM for sales and marketing will assist you in understanding your audience and creating an effective brand message. Elements of Branding include: 


  • Mission statement 
  • Vision statement 
  • Core Values 
  • Unique selling proposition 
  • Pillars of Brand 


For any organisation to communicate effectively with their target audience, the organisation can use these elements to display their values, story and personality that will resonate with the audience. 



How to create effective brand messaging?


Your brand messaging framework contains all the elements you need to bring the non-visual elements of your organisation together and leverage them to build your brand. Once you have your brand messaging framework in hand, you will be able to proceed further, that is, incorporating the components into your documentation, social media etc. 


With an effective messaging strategy in place, you will be able to build a strong relationship between internal and external communications that exist in your brand. But how to create an effective brand message?


Simplicity is key


Anything too flashy or quirky does not work for a brand message. Having a quirky line as a subject line in an email is a different story as you are trying to establish the attention of the audience to your email newsletters. However, a brand message should be simple and it should resonate with all. Try to keep it as authentic as possible and simple. Let the audience know that this is what you do, this is what you offer and this is the problem you are trying to solve. 


Visual alignment 


Make sure that the visual elements of your brand message align with each other. The visual identity of your brand is essential for the audience to get a better grasp of your brand. Your visual aesthetic will determine if the visitor finds your brand appealing or not. It will further compel them to read about who you are and what you do. 

If you cannot design them yourself, then it is highly suggested that you seek out a designer for your brand and ensure that your brand personality matches the visual elements.


Centralised documentation 


Keep track of how you have created the brand messaging framework. It shapes how you will be communicating with the audience. These guidelines will change as your brand progresses. In case you plan on rebranding your company, you will need this framework. 

This document containing your brand messaging framework will be circulated across the organisation. 

At any given moment, any employee can look up if they need any assistance. This document can also be useful for the future designer who might help you rebrand your website. This can be a great source material to understand how the elements can be redesigned and what elements to keep during the rebranding. 


Include brand message in documents


Another key point is to include this brand message in all your documents. All the company's assets should reflect the consistent use of the brand message. The design should include all the messaging elements like mission statements, voice, core values etc. Your employees will be able to understand the personality of your brand better if they are interacting with the design on a day-to-day basis. 



Your documents should contain the brand message. While the content team of your organisation will know how your brand messaging works from the inside out, other contract writers will probably need more than that. 

Marketing, sales and PR teams will reap huge benefits from having the brand message documented. CRM software applications like Optimiser offer cloud services so you can store this documentation securely with it all backed up. From the tagline to the elevator pitch, it will be of great assistance when creating a promotional campaign. 

The HR department should use brand messaging while adding to job listings because it will give the new candidates an idea about what you are looking for in the prospects. 


Website and Marketing channels 

Use your website and marketing channels by incorporating the brand message. Do not overdo it, however. You want the message to seem authentic and consistent. If you are keeping the design to minimal, keep it so throughout all your marketing channels. 

Focus on keeping your brand identity, voice and personality consistent on these channels. 



With the help of these tips, you will be able to create a brand message that is effective and consistent throughout all the channels. It is not enough to create a brand message, be sure to disseminate it throughout.



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