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How to Create and Optimise Contacts in Optimiser

What is a Contacts list?

Why is it important?

Key features of a good contacts list

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A strong Contacts database is an asset to any business across every industry. Your strong Contacts list should contain comprehensive, clean and cloud-based profiles that integrate with key CRM, marketing and sales features. You can build excellent customer relationships with Optimiser's Contacts: read on find out how!



What is a Contacts list?

It may sound obvious, but digital contacts software has made some significant progressions since people used to maintain their address with paper and pen!

A digital Contacts tool is the 21st century equivalent of a large excel sheet, with smart automations that allow you to manipulate, manage and handle your contacts in a way that produces value and saves time.

While for many years, manual contact management was a perfectly fine way to handle an address book, several modern changes have happened to the business-consumer relationship that have indicated the need for a more powerful way of maintaining professional relationships:

  • Customer relationships have become more complex
  • There are more ways than ever to connect with a single person
  • More and more, customers expect a level of personalisation from brands
  • Globalisation due to the internet has increased the number of clients a single business can have exponentially
  • There is more information than ever about your key audience to be collected that helps you sell more, and sell better


Why is it important?

Proper contact management is one of the key factors in retaining steady business profits and is often the most powerful tool a manager can implement to see a quick rise in productivity.

  1. On average it is 10x more cost effective to retain an existing client than to onboard a new one. By forgetting to nurture existing contacts, businesses can quickly see rates of client loss escalating, and a big effect on the amount of effort needed for smaller customer gains (negative productivity).
  2. After just one negative customer experience, most customers reported they would be inclined to seek business elsewhere. In contrast, a good customer service experience will make clients remain with a brand, even if the product is more expensive on average.

Instead, businesses should be nurturing customers and attempting to create loyalty and advocacy- a powerful (and free!) PR technique.


Key features of a good Contacts list

These are three of the key points that can help you identify whether your Contacts software tool is going to be beneficial to your daily Contact management and help you to improve your customer experience provision overall:

  1. Data Cleaning

The first essential feature of a comprehensive Contacts module is its ability to clean and sort data into pre-set as well as custom fields. Around 90% of customer data enters servers as disorganised data, so part of the Contacts software job is to save you time on manual data organisation, which any business owner will understand is an enormous drain on time resources.

Pre-set Contact information fields should include:

  • Personal information: name, prefix, date of birth, headshot
  • Contact information: Email, phone number, fax number, 
  • Professional information: Organisation name, office location, job title, linked account
  • “Offline” information: Address, LinkedIn profile, additional notes and documents

Some Contacts software will also allow you to apply custom tags to each of your contacts, allowing you to sort a long database by the most important metrics to you, and make quick, accurate contact segments.


  1. AI-Integrated

AI integrations may seem like an extreme piece of software for something as simple as a Contacts database, but in fact AI has come to play a key component in understanding and catering to your key business connections.

Handling a contacts database with AI allows you to understand your relationship with any contact at a glance. This is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • You can quickly personalise communications, from emails to phone calls
  • Onboard or handover contact management to a colleague
  • Gain quick insight into the relationship history of a particular account
  • Analyse communication frequency: highlight contacts in need of nurturing and indicate potential for churn
  • Select custom data fields to generate quick and simple graphs and reports about your key metrics


  1. Cloud-Based

Based on the cloud, your contacts list is: 

  1. Secure

Stored on secure servers with strong system background and powerful firewalls, there is no securer place to store personal or sensitive contact data. Storing your digital contacts address book with a secure provider ensures your data practices adhere to territory-specific GDPR regulations.

  1. Collaborative

Give custom permissions to the relevant team members to ensure they can send on-brand, personalised communications to any of your contacts should they need to. Provide access to your historical conversations with key clients to ensure new staff are on-boarded seamlessly and effectively. Prepare your colleagues before an important meeting or all by allowing short-term access to sensitive attached documents, and limit access whenever you need.


“Simply put, cloud computing is a better way to run your business,”

Marc Benioff


  1. Limitless

No matter how big your business grows, and how many contacts you gain, your cloud-based contacts list can expand exponentially. The longer your list of key relationships gets, the more useful the Contact software’s filter and tagging features become!

  1. Integrated

Perhaps the most useful feature of a cloud-based Contacts tool is that it can be integrated with any of your business’s other essential legacy systems. Update or add contact information to your system directly from your Gmail inbox tab, link your Pipelines to key contacts for contextual lead handling, and integrate with your email marketing tool to create smart customer segments and engagement-generating personalisations.


How Optimiser Contacts work

Optimiser’s Contacts module is a feature of the core CRM suite. Displayed in a clean and intuitive grid view, you will find that understanding your contacts list, finding key information and team cohesion on relationship building is a far smoother and more streamlined process. Add custom tags to your contacts, log comprehensive notes, 

  • Accounts
    • Link key contacts to each of your accounts
  • Pipeline
    • Lay out your contact’s journey with your brand in a clean and clear pipeline
  • Tasks
    • Create contact-specific tasks to ensure communications are timely and that contact nurturing remains at the top of your priorities
  • Analytics
    • Understand every complicated piece of data about any contact from concise graphs and charts, and create data-led enhancements to your contact handling
  • Email marketing
    • Personalise communications according to customised contact segments based on purchase history, brand interactions, demographics and other key audience factors.


CRM integrated Contacts

Optimiser’s Contacts module integrates seamlessly with all of its other core CRM tools for effortless customer relationship management that keeps clear and personal communication at its heart. Try Optimiser’s full Enterprise Licence FREE for 30 days and gain access to every one of the powerful solution suites, to find out how a new integrated Contacts module can optimise your business today.

Optimiser is a comprehensive CRM software company, providing businesses a customisable solution to their personal goals for sales, productivity, and growth. Powerful integrated modules include lead management software, a B2B sales toolkit, automated marketing suite and more for sale under a single subscription. Try Optimiser’s CRM software demo with access to the full Enterprise Licence FREE for 30 days, and find out how you can skyrocket productivity in just one month!


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