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How Technology is Revolutionising HR Processes?

Software for HR Teams is on the rise to ensure that the ethical and legal responsibility of HR is being maintained while overseeing the well-being of the employees. 

In recent years, with the groundbreaking technology, the HR department has begun to evolve with the help of AI. As a result, they have become more efficient and seamless in their operations. 

Here are some ways in which technology revolutionises the HR process.


Improving Employee Engagement 

Employee engagement is essential for employee satisfaction and retention. It is also vital to companies as happy employees tend to be far more productive. With the help of technology, software programs can track employee feedback and not end up overloading the HR department. Given that the department already has many responsibilities, the feedback software will collect the data that can be analysed to take action. 


Company Diversity 

Improving diversity in companies is a plan that remains a top priority for several organisations. However, many struggle to remove their unconscious bias from the recruitment process. As a result, they either lean away or lean too much towards minorities due to bias against identity.

As per an audit study, "white-sounding" names are 75% more likely to land an interview than resumes with identical but "Asian sounding" names. In another study, it was found that 40% of males are far more likely to land an interview than females. 

Hiring technology allows them to dig into the long list of potential candidates without unconscious bias. These highlight job experience, skills, and other relevant details and remove race, gender, education, and ethnicity data. In the end, companies end up with more employee diversity.





Smart Recruitment 

Any recruiter knows that recruitment takes time and is costly. Over the years, HR recruiters have had to go through the tedious process of sorting through resumes to shortlist candidates and interview them. And as mentioned above, this process can be subjected to unconscious bias. 

However, with technology, they do not need to do so anymore. HR Software will find skilled people from the pool of candidates. Without automated resume screening and robot interviews, it has allowed the cost of recruitment to go down and save a boatload of time. 

Technology is outperforming humans in decision making in certain areas, such as the evaluation of hard skills. Not subject to unconscious bias, AI can pick out the best candidate without taking their gender, race, ethnicity and even education. 


Corporate Wellness 

Companies have begun to offer numerous initiatives that focus on mental health, financial wealth, and physical health. These can make their employees more productive and creative in the workplace. When the employees are less stressed about the job they are focusing on, they can devote their full attention to their work. According to a survey, about 35% of workers miss 3 to 5 days of work a month due to workplace stress. 

While focusing on mental health has been on the rise, what is new is employing technology to improve these programs. Technological products such as wellness apps, financial trackers etc., allow the HR department wellness suggestions to their employees without taking too much time out of the HR teams.




Enhancing HR operations

Companies have begun to leverage AI to improve the productivity in the HR department and streamline the workflow of the operations. A huge amount of data comes into the HR office, and while humans can accomplish this task, it will take a lot of time. They will have to devote either a team that works on analysing this data or remove their focus from other aspects to ensure that the data is being processed. Additionally, it makes the data processing prone to error as humans can make mistakes. 

On the other hand, CRM Solution for HR Department is less likely to commit these errors and accomplish the tasks in a much shorter time. To a small business, investing in CRM may sound like a burden, but its benefits outweigh the price at which it is offered. CRM is already doing wonders for the sales and the marketing department that use it to qualify new leads and nurture them into paying customers. 

Using CRM, HR can improve employee satisfaction with increased response time and settling issues immediately and taking the pressure of data processing off of the HR teams. 


Performance management with Analytics 

Performance management is an important aspect of every HR. HR needs to maintain a consistent process of mentioning performance, collecting feedback from supervisors and facilitating that every employee receives their reviews and can work on improving themselves. 

HR technology has removed unnecessary steps, and the performance management process is data-driven and automated. 

Using CRM software like Optimiser, they can pull the sentiment data generated from interactions between the employee and the managers and analyse it to identify the opportunities. Any weakness can be resolved with coaching/ training. This will allow the employees and the managers to benchmark the performance and aim for higher KPIs. 

Even then, HR will never be fully replaced by technology. The people element is important as employees will need human interactions to feel understood rather than simply answering questions on a form. However, HR can use AI to understand how their employees are doing and what is expected. 



In the future, we can expect the HR department to be able to predict employee behaviour as well as future outcomes. For example, some have stated that AI will be able to predict whether an employee will be retained in the next financial year or not. Other than that, using predictive analysis, HR can boost performance and reach new levels of productivity within the organisation.




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