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How Optimiser is Helping These Membership Organisations

Regardless of business size and industry, CRM serves as a great tool to increase marketing productivity and sales. What if we add several other features to it? The outcome would be a complete business solution with ''One Platform''. This is what Optimiser serves. 

Since its inception, Optimiser has had clients from various business domains. Membership organisations have an alliance with Optimiser to assist them manage their operations and connect with their members hassle free from one platform - Optimiser.

Here are some of our clients who have been using Optimiser: 



  • St. Andrews Youth Club

Known as the world's oldest Youth Club, St. Andrews Youth Club was formed in 1866. It is a part of Optimiser’s CSR activity which enriches young people by offering a sense of belonging, fun and informal education to more than 500 members every year. The club helps them develop self confidence, respect for others and abilities to contribute to society. Recently, St. Andrew’s Club has been awarded with Gold Quality Mark from London Youth. This is a proof of excellence for youth organisations that are committed to improve the lives of young people.  The Club uses the Optimiser platform to connect with members, supporters and suppliers. It allows the Club to increase its reach, run fundraising campaigns, manage its membership leads and continue to provide youth with the opportunity to thrive and give back to society. Besides, St. Andrews Club is now moving towards Touchpoint, which is a website building platform by Optimiser to offer seamless data transfer and complete transparency and accuracy. 


  • The Thorney Island Society

Founded in 1985 to protect London's first public library, the Thorney Island Society watches over the development in the area, including Westminster Abbey and the house of parliament. Also a part of the CSR activity of Optimiser. Using the platform, the society connects with individuals or members who wish to protect the country's heritage. As of today, society connects with more than 350 of its members using the Optimiser platform.


  • Central London Alliance

Central London Alliance is a membership organisation founded to support the sustainable, economic recovery of London'sLondon's business hospitality, cultural, tourism, and retail sector for both employees and employers to survive the after-effects of covid-19. Optimiser has enabled  20,000 businesses to connect with each other from any device anywhere in the world. Besides, it enhanced their workplace communication by giving access to the highly accurate company data to improve employees' productivity. It provides the power of one CRM platform to store all the information. CLA was looking forward to connect with people, businesses, local authorities and for that they needed a single platform to be able to do. Optimiser serves as a single database platform to contact people, run events. With the help of Optimiser the organisation was able to reach more than 16 million people. During the interview with Boutique Hotel News, Tony Matharu, founder of CLA, has mentioned how Optimiser has helped them connect with different people and manage their data efficiently. You can take a glimpse of the interview here: 


  • Westminster Business Council

 Westminster Business Council is the premier business network of London, supporting over 10,500 entrepreneurs, SMEs, corporates with access to business intelligence, marketing and lead generation opportunities. The organisation uses the Optimiser platform to connect with member businesses and supporters. It allows them to increase their reach and awareness by running trackable marketing campaigns. With the power of one platform, Westminster Business Council has finally been able to do away with managing their valuable data on multiple excel sheets. Now they manage all their contacts, conversation history, data and information in one place- Optimiser. Optimiser’s event suite also helps the organisation track registrations from members of different levels to attend events of various categories.


  • Business Travel Association

 BTA is a membership organisation for travel management companies ranging from multinational travel companies, small independent and sector-specific businesses. Together all members of the BTA represent 90% of the UK travel business. The organisation uses the Optimiser platform to collaborate with the members and industry partners and share a calendar of conferences and events. 


  • The Institute of Travel Management

 ITM is the largest association for travel business professionals and represents more than 4000 members in the UK and Ireland. The association is dedicated to supporting businesses involved in corporate travel. The association uses the Optimiser platform to manage members and connect with its members and share industry communication. The organisation uses Optimiser’s Marketing Suite to run campaigns, send e-mails and understand user behaviour via reports and analytics to improve effectiveness of the future campaigns. 




 MSDUK has been working with over 125 global brands and 1500 enterprise mobility businesses since 2006. It aims to inspire next generation Ethnic Minority business founders and offer them a platform to demonstrate their ideas, guide them with the required information and help them achieve their dream. The company uses the Optimiser platform to market its conferences and smoothen its business process. As a result, it has helped the organisation reduce their marketing cost and increase their business revenue.



 Optimiser is a ‘One CRM Platform’ that never lets you miss any business opportunity. It comes with the suites of fully customisable business management software, allowing companies of different sizes to increase revenue, enhance their business process, and bring desired results. Optimiser engages with clients through their entire business cycle from discovery to onboarding. It supports their growth by enhancing their lead nurturing process and keeps complete transparency in all customers' interactions to improve retention. Moreover, it organises business processes and systems using smart automation and manages the workforce to increase efficiency and productivity.



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