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How CRM software can make shocking improvements to your real estate management

What is CRM software? 

How is CRM beneficial to real estate managers?

How to get started with CRM for your real estate business

Optimiser’s CRM for real estate

Is Optimiser’s CRM right for me?



CRM software is a tool that will revolutionise the way you handle the real estate process. For deal closing, the tool helps you to find client information easily, lead them through the buying process, and make closures on properties. Step away from messy spreadsheets and use a tool that is fit-for-purpose.


What is CRM software?

If you’ve never heard of CRM software before, it's a very simple but powerful tool that manages how you handle your customer relationships.

Many businesses across a wide range of sectors use CRM to optimise their daily processes: from clubs and charities, to SMEs and enterprises. Any company that deals even in part with customers and customer relationships will feel the massive benefits of a CRM system.

The CRM tools vary between providers, but core software often includes:

  • Contacts
    • A detailed list of key people to your business: their contact information, company and job title, purchase and communication history, and relevant linked documents
  • Accounts
    • Your business relations: their key contact, account worth, purchase history and relevant company information
  • Cloud-based Calendar
    • A collaborative calendar tool based on the cloud, enabling team working, live updates, meeting blocking and a more efficient workflow
  • Pipeline
    • Intuitive, user-friendly pipeline tool to guide multiple leads through a clean sales funnel at once
  • Analytics
    • Automatic metrics discovery with analytics on customised sets of key data: often provided in the form of clear graphs and charts

Easy and intuitive to understand, the system integrates with a business’s legacy software and streamlines all customer interactions into a single place. The result is easily manageable high-volume sales, contextual communication, collaborative case handling, and increased client satisfaction.


How is CRM beneficial to real estate managers?

CRM is used by real estate agents to stay organised when handling clients, shift tenants along the sales funnel, and successfully close on properties.

For many years, large and complex spreadsheets were the way that real estate managers organised their client databases. From long-winded manual data entry to in-sheet calculations, this method of data collection is a drain on time and resources: impacting productivity across the full business scope. 



In contrast, CRM makes every process more efficient. Acting as a single source of truth for every one of your customer relationship business processes, all data about customers: from purchase history, to their user map and more, can be accessed and managed from one place. 

Studies have shown that it costs businesses an average of 10x more to onboard a new customer from acquisition status to retention, than to nurture an existing client. When it comes to real estate, managers will find they can increase spending on their CRM software while still increasing the business’s overall ROI and productivity. The following are three of many CRM-derived benefits that estate agents can hope to gain from their new, powerful IT software:

1- Task Automation

CRM task automation helps to schedule emails, auto-generate reports, and reduce time spent on data input. Task automations reduce the amount of time drained by repetitive manual tasks such as database maintenance, fielding high-volume incoming queries, and chasing up on ongoing leads. Save time for reps to build valuable customer relationships, push prospects along the sales funnel; increasing overall productivity by reducing resource input while simultaneously driving an optimised output.


“Automation is cost cutting by tightening the corners and not cutting them,”

  • Haresh Sippy


2- Organised working

Collaborative cloud-based calendar allows real estate agents to plan their days and streamline workflows: meetings, showarounds, property proposals and deals, there are many varied tasks a real estate agent can expect to deal with on a daily basis. Studies have shown that real estate sales reps are an average 26% more productive when their daily work involves the use of a CRM.

3- Strong database building

Finally, CRM tools gather all customer information together in an easy-to-navigate database, allowing quick, comprehensive and personalised client profile handling. In an industry that relies so heavily on the estate agent to create strong and trusting relationships quickly with customers, CRM could not be a more valuable tool.


How to get started with CRM for your real estate business

First, it is important to identify the need for a CRM system within your own business. 

  • Are you losing time and money resources on manual data input and maintenance?
  • Is your daily calendar full of overlapping projects, conflicting tasks and coinciding meetings?
  • Do you often find yourself working past the end of the day due to poor time management?
  • Have you ever fumbled a client or account due to miscommunication, incorrect or outdated information?
  • Has a customer ever left a poor review or complaint due to mismanagement of their case?

If you can answer yes to any of the above, you should take your first steps to CRM integration. Take a third party perspective and have a look at your customer journey from acquisition to closure and identify the areas in which patches, loops and improvements could be implemented with your new CRM tool.




Optimiser’s CRM for real estate

Optimiser’s powerful CRM differs from competitors because it can be fully integrated with any of the complementary comprehensive tool suites. Integrated CRM allows you to collect and distribute customer data from across the full business scope: ensuring processes from your marketing to customer experience teams are synchronised and working in harmony. 

Among others, Optimiser’s Marketing Suite, Task Management and Event Management modules allow real estate agents to keep the client satisfaction at the centre of every process:

  1. Marketing Suite

CRM-integrated marketing allows real estate managers to design and send customised email according to custom criteria, such as what stage a client is at on the property ladder. Audience data analysis helps identify:

  • Which marketing activity has generated which leads?
  • Which marketing activity has been the most successful?
  • Where time and financial resources are best used
  1. Task Management

With the extremely varied role of an estate agent, task management is the best tool to streamline your work process, prioritise effectively and collaborate on a streamlined workflow with colleagues when it comes to project completion. Integrated with the cloud-based team calendar and Today’s View feature, never miss a deadline or double up on your work again. 

  1. Event Management

While events are off the table for now, it looks like the middle of 2021 is going to see a boom in in-person events as people make up for a lot of lost time. CRM-integrated events management allows you to plan and promote people-centric events with the full selling power of invitee segmentation, customised invites, and seamless delegate management. 



Is Optimiser’s CRM right for me?

How do you know that Optimiser’s CRM is right for you? It always is! The expert onboarding team works with your current business model to discover your scope of work and find the best customised tool subscription to meet your targets for growth, organisation and productivity.

Optimiser is a comprehensive CRM software company, providing businesses a customisable solution to their personal goals for sales, productivity, and growth. Powerful integrated modules include lead management software, a B2B sales toolkit, automated marketing suite and more for sale under a single subscription. Try Optimiser’s CRM software demo with access to the full Enterprise Licence FREE for 30 days, and find out how you can skyrocket productivity in just one month!


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