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How can Optimiser Dashboard be useful for Hoteliers?

CRM tools are used for sales, marketing and customer service in the present day. Back in the day, it was only meant for customer service. 

However, with advancements in technology, it is able to accomplish that and much more. CRM tools can provide a glimpse into the customer buying patterns, behaviours, needs and wants. This has enabled companies to leverage data and provide the best possible customer service to them. 

Every industry has benefitted from CRM. The hospitality industry is no different. Hotels use CRM to manage bookings, roster staff and operate more than one property.



1. Professional tools for reporting 

Use professional CRM tools for hotel performance analysis and use the data to compare with other properties. With the data-driven insights, take advantage of the business intelligence tools to boost bookings and build strong foundations for your hotel business. 

The interactive and dynamic KPI dashboard will allow you to track the individual as well as team activities ensuring full transparency. 


2. Align your goals with Optimiser CRM

To align your goals with your business, you will have to begin by taking an in-depth view of your business and your customer-centric strategies. 

Are you aiming to boost bookings? Do you want to increase the customer retention rate? Are you looking to build a social media presence to garner the audience's attention?

Using the data collected by the Optimiser CRM, you will be able to select the right KPIs to display on your dashboard and target them to achieve these goals. 


3. Segmentation 

When you are running a hotel, you will be receiving people with different needs and expectations. Someone might be in the city for business, others might be there for a family vacation or another person would be a solo traveller. 

Segmentation will allow you to understand the pain points of each of these customers, allowing you to personalise your services to their unique expectations and boost the retention rate. You will never forget any key details of your clients with Optimiser CRM assisting you.


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4. Data sources 

Even if you are running a hotel business, you are truly dependent on data. Correcting the right data can make all the difference in your bookings. Internal and external data sources can be merged together to gain a big picture view into the guests' minds. 

Sources such as referrals, phone calls, past stays, marketing information, sales data etc can be used for analysis. 

More importantly, Optimiser CRM stores all of this information in one place so you do not have to jump from one platform to another. You can view all this information from a single platform minus any data application or errors. 


5. Design your dashboard 

A fully customisable platform, the Optimiser Dashboard allows you to track the KPIs of your choice. You can optimally design the view on the dashboard to display data in an array of colourful charts and graphs. Managers do not have to spend time preparing reports, running data through old software for full analysis and sharing it with team members easily,  

With enhanced visuals, your teams will be more engaged with data allowing them to develop strategies that are customer oriented. You can paint a picture that will allow you to gather all important information in one glance. 


6. Forecasting 

For any business, forecasting is crucial. Technology has been able to provide an accurate view of how a hotel will perform in the upcoming months by analysing market trends and past customer behaviour. 


7. Innovation

Keeping innovation at its core Optimiser dashboard will allow you to do the same. You can update your customer strategies as you gain more insights from the data collected. 



With Optimiser CRM, you will have increased insight into your staff as well as your guests. You will gain more engagement from your customers and deliver a consistent performance that will be appreciated by both your guests and stakeholders. As a hotelier, you will be able to roster your staff effectively and allocate your budget efficiently. The dashboard will allow you to make decisions that will benefit you in the short and long run. Align your KPIs with your business goals and innovate your services to stand out amongst your competitors.


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