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How B2B sales toolkit can help enterprises grow

What is B2B sales?

How do B2B sales differ from B2C?

Why do I need a sales toolkit for B2B sales?

What is in a B2B toolkit?

How Optimiser’s software is right for B2B sales


B2B sales have unique and different requirements that reps need to be considering. Since sales volumes are often much larger, the pipeline is much longer, more complex and involves many more parties sign-off. CRM integrations and a B2B sales toolkit encourage growth by promoting relationship-centric sales funnels.


What is B2B sales?

B2B sales, or business to business sales, are sales that take place between companies that primarily provide services and products to other businesses. In comparison, B2C (business to consumer) companies are those that sell directly to consumers. 


It may help to picture a B2B company as one that bolsters the function of other businesses by providing products and services to help it operate either internally or providing their own products to customers. As any B2B company employee will know, sales includes building very strong customer service practices, and should be able to prove that a partnership with them will make a valuable difference to other companies receiving their services.


How do B2B sales differ from B2C?

Generally, B2B sales are made in higher volumes with more revenue generated in regular batches instead of a continual revenue influx from multiple consumers. Because of the high financial value of each order, the B2B sales cycle is often a lengthier process involving the approval of more than one account contact. They also tend to have a longer lifespan, and a more complex relationship overall.

However, there are some features of B2B sales that will be familiar to B2C salespeople. Here are some of the areas in which B2B and B2C sales unite:

  • Regardless of the sales type, your sales funnel should be strategic and streamlined
  • Customer experience should be the top priority for a salesperson in any industry: from omnichannel availability, to an efficient and polite customer service agent team
  • You sales and marketing teams should be strongly linked and working in tandem to optimiser your customer cycle


Why do I need a sales toolkit for B2B enterprise sales?

B2B sales has undergone big changes in recent years, with more companies basing their decisions on face value, initial impressions, and brand availability. In fact:

  • 57% of decisions made by the purchaser happen before they have gotten in touch with your business for the first time
  • Only around 30% of purchasers actually want to talk with a salesperson to discover more about a service or product, as opposed to websites, social channels, word of mouth, and other methods
  • Customers are more likely to return to a business because of excellent customer service than value of the product or service
  • Roughly a mere 17% of the B2B selling process is spent in supplier-to-purchaser meetings

So why is that useful for enterprises in particular? Well, SMEs and Enterprise businesses have vastly different sales needs. Each has its own needs and unique characteristics that make it suited for different sales tools. 

  1. For enterprises, a lack of accountability and dispersed data make it difficult to target KPIs and gain accurate reports. A single source of truth sales platform helps generate quick and clear insights, and strategise an ambitious yet achievable sales target.
  2. The customers of enterprises tend to have higher financial resources and are looking to create a strategic partnership that will benefit their business in the long run. The sales toolkit of an enterprise must therefore prioritise value-oriented relationship building.
  3. There are more key decision makers when it comes to B2B purchasing and selling, so a single platform containing all account and contact data helps everyone stay on the same page and reduces time spent on transferring documents between platforms.
  4. Enterprise sales tend to run a longer and more varied pipeline, that can span from months to years


What is in a B2B toolkit?

As sales software becomes increasingly sophisticated and affordable, it is more likely that using only a CRM for sales is going to mean your competitors are outperforming you across markets. 

Recent developments in AI, analytics, automation and cloud-based technology have meant that it is much more accessible for businesses of all sizes to be using these advanced tools. Almost every element in the sales cycle, from lead generation to invoicing, is made easier and more convenient for salespeople. 

  • Pipeline automations
    • Automate the sales journey with automatic prospect nurturing, shortening the sales cycle and freeing up time for your sales team to provide strong customer experiences
  • Accounts and Contacts
    • Keep track of your most promising and lucrative accounts to ensure your resources are being used efficiently
    • Link multiple contacts to accounts to maintain accurate and clear relationships networks
    • Create time-saving proxy sales
  • Invoicing
    • Auto-generate subscription invoices, add branding, and fill sales data for error reduction
  • Email management
    • Integrate key information from your email domain directly into your sales tool: saving time and reducing error in data cleaning
    • Sales-integrated email tool allows automated lead nurturing and follow-up communication
  • Lead generation
    • Unite marketing and sales efforts in lead generation and nurturing
  • Sales prospecting
    • Preempt large market fluctuations, purchasing trends, and cater your offering to eliminate customer churn before it begins
    • Prospect warmth forecasting allows you to calculate the potential of each new lead, and distribute resources accordingly
  • Cloud sharing
    • Move files between departments with a few clicks for secure data handling, document back-up, and cohesive working
  • Analytics
    • Understand how your sales department is performing overall at a glance
    • Target ambitious yet achievable KPIs
    • Evaluate the impact of sales team successes on overall business performance

B2B Sales Toolkits are designed to run a smooth pipeline, improve team cohesion and performance, implement time-saving automations, and transform the way you grow your sales.


How Optimiser’s sales toolkit is right for B2B sales

  • CRM integrated sales 

Use powerful CRM elements to enhance your selling strategies and boost your funnel. With integrated customer relationship tools, you can build an effective and customer-centric funnel. From analytics, to contacts and accounts, pipeline, and calendar: manage a productive and high-performing sales team from a single platform, no matter how large your enterprise!

  • Sales and Marketing accessibility

Streamline the workflow between marketing and sales for a smoother, faster and more efficient customer cycle. CRM tools move data seamlessly between departments for coordinated onboarding efforts from discovery to retention into advocacy.

  • Customisable

Optimiser’s platform is fully customisable, meaning you only pay for the tools and user accounts you need. Choose from the comprehensive suite of solution software, integrated with the powerful core CRM module. Your flexible subscription allows you to add and remove integrated suites as you go: evolving and growing alongside your developing enterprise.

Optimiser is a comprehensive CRM software company, providing businesses a customisable solution to their personal goals for sales, productivity, and growth. Powerful integrated modules include lead management software, a B2B sales toolkit, automated marketing suite and more for sale under a single subscription. Try Optimiser’s CRM software demo with access to the full Enterprise Licence FREE for 30 days, and find out how you can skyrocket productivity in just one month!

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