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How can Artificial Intelligence Drive Organisational Success?

More than 50% of customers are influenced by AI. It is used to predict customer behaviour by various organisations such as Amazon, Google etc., and ensure that they get accustomed to using AI. Call centres, chatbots, detection of fraudulent activities by banks are examples of AI that customers interact with daily. Business Automation Software implements the use of AI to offer a seamless customer experience to business owners. 



“Machine Learning is the last invention humanity will ever need to make”                                                                                               

                                                                                                                        -Nick Bostrom



AI In Present 

Key industry organisations have expressed interest in employing AI, given its extensive benefits. However, with the future of AI set to change the rules of business, here's what organisations need to know about preparing themselves for its impact to better reap its benefits.

Numerous attributes make AI a profoundly important resource throughout different businesses, regardless of whether it's playing out an undertaking as mind-boggling as observing a breeze turbine to anticipate when it will require fixes or something as basic as aiding guests and staff advance around corporate grounds.




AI is showing an increased innovation in the field of healthcare. Doctors can connect with their patients and access their previous medical data to recommend personalised treatments. It is being used in surgeries to observe a patient’s recovery process. Man-made intelligence has helped doctors innovate, overseeing the patients and ensuring the best possible care. 

Science-related industries use AI to calculate and sort through tons of numerical data and draw useful inferences. For example, astronomy uses AI to detect asteroids, planets, galactic movements that require strenuous observation. Of course, one might be prone to missing these, but all the data gets recorded and saved for further understanding with AI. 

For Customer Relationship Management (CRM), AI has automated the workflow and programming the framework to cut down manual tasks. Tedious tasks like sending emails, text messages, updating client information, etc., are error-free by the system itself. The system updates itself when any action is taken and stores the data for future reference. 

CRM Solutions have been impacted by the introduction of Artificial experience and will continue to innovate in the future.



AI in Future


  • Use of Chips

Using chips to store data has been gaining traction in the past 5 years. Companies are constantly investing in creating faster chips that process data quicker than many CPU's (Central Processing Units). As per a study in 2018, 47% of organisations implemented AI in their business operations and have expressed interest in expanding to different departments. 

Companies like AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, Qualcomm plan to dispatch chips that will be extremely advanced. 

How does this benefit CRM Solutions based organisations? 

Companies will have more intuitive automation software that will include voice searches, bigger storage, the ability to sort data, predict customer behaviour more accurately and generate extensive reports.




Automated Machine Learning for CRM 

Machine learning to predict customer behaviour can benefit business owners. For example, business automation software with machine learning will predict their customer's next behaviour and whether they have a buying intent or not just by the basis of their activity. 

With ML, you will receive a more in-depth analysis of your performance and address complex problems with solutions provided by the system itself.


  • Converging AI with other technologies

Even now, we can integrate our CRM solutions with our website, social media, emails etc. In the coming age, we will be able to incorporate it with other technologies. Using a combination of IoT and Blockchain, you can connect your system with your phones, laptops, tablets etc. It will allow you to be flexible on how you operate the CRM system. 

Additionally, AI will detect whenever any information is updated and begin to draw predictability reports for the sales and the marketing teams to analyse. 

The teams can use these reports to decide how to approach a client and stay aligned with marketing strategies. One of the biggest challenges that every organisation faces is aligning the sales and marketing teams. With this, there will be a smooth flow of communication. They will not have to debate on which way to approach the client. 

Furthermore, cloud storage is gaining attention due to its ability to store data. It is used by anyone from anywhere around the world. With AI, cloud storage will become extremely vital. AI will be able to find and analyse old data on demand. 


  • Depth learning to harness the skill

Depth Learning is a skill that can benefit every business. Imagine an AI that knows exactly how your organisation works, how it began, how it has progressed. It can predict how it will perform if continuing on the current trajectory. 

It can detect vanity metrics and improve the organisation's capacity by aiding you in the process of analysing data. 

It will customise itself to your business needs and approach the customers for you simply based on the action triggered. As a result, you will not have to devote time mulling on how to approach a high-value client cautiously. Instead, AI will draw out a strategy and put it forth for implementation. 




As the industry becomes more innovative, applying AI to different parts of the organisation's structure will progress. However, one will truly unlock AI's full potential when customising the system to adjust to their business's needs.



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