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Guide to Email Marketing Success

Email is one of the oldest methods of communication in the world of technology. However, it is widely used by companies to further their brand and build a loyal customer base. In addition, email marketing is used to create marketing campaigns for small businesses with limited resources. 

This makes email marketing one of the top preferred strategies because it tends to be far more intuitive and automated by many.



Components of Email Marketing


For an effective marketing campaign, there are three significant components. 


1. First is an email list. This list comprises people who have subscribed to your newsletters and are interested in receiving communications from your brand. One can build their email list through various means. One of them is a lead magnet to the target audience. This means offering things like a coupon; in exchange, they give their email addresses to you. 


2. Another component is Email Service Provider. This is the email marketing platform that allows you to manage the email list. You can manage all your contacts from this application. You can also design and execute automated email campaigns for marketing. 

Automated actions get triggered due to the behaviours of your target audience. Following this, you can personalise the content that you use to engage with them. Engagement rates and conversion rates are more likely to improve after this. 


3. The final component has a defined goal. To achieve any measure of success, you have to have goals that are concise and clear. Email marketing can be used for keeping customers engaged, increasing customer loyalty and lifetime value. Other than that, it can boost brand awareness, drive sales, generate and nurture leads.

To create marketing campaigns for small businesses and even bigger ones, ensure that these three components are aligned for a successful campaign.




How to Create an Email Marketing Copies that Elevates Results


Email marketing copies determine the success of your goals. So, how to curate the content within these copies?


1: Know your audience


Segmenting your audience accurately to craft content that will allow you to hyper-target your audience is the first step. Once you have that, you can build a loyal customer base with personalised content and grow further. 


2: Creative Subject Line


Most people do not read their emails. Instead, they see the subject lines to judge whether the email is worth opening or not. In a world where everyone uses email marketing, create a subject line that will compel people to open your emails and engage with them. 


3: Using Keywords and Easy to read 


Using keywords can make the content benefit-driven. You can personalise the content with this. Using an active voice in the email body engages the readers to look further into your products/ services. 

Easy to read emails, however, is the most significant part of email marketing success. If the emails are complicated and will take time to understand, they will be passed over and possibly never opened. Easy to read emails are convenient as people are busy and like to get the information as quickly as possible. 

To make your emails simpler, the usage of short sentences and paragraphs is suggested. In addition, complicated words and jargon should be avoided. Instead, keep it short, crisp and fresh with bullet points for the readers to engage with your content. 


4: Preview Text 


Preview text appears right below beside the subject line. This is the pitch where you can convince the customers to read the emails. With a 140 characters limit, it reinforces the value of your proposition and conveys your subject line in brief. 


5: Use Storytelling and Psychology


Once the readers are hooked by the subject line, storytelling can be used to gain further attention. Draft a story that narrates the message you wish to send to your email list to communicate your message. 

Additionally, Psychology can play things out in your favour. The world is changing every day, and that enlists a fear of missing out on people. Colour psychology, social proof and other triggers can help you create an email copy that can interest people into your brand.




Email Marketing: Pros and Cons


Even though it is widely used, email marketing has its own set of pros and cons.



Customers give you their mail IDs only because they trust you. This is a huge advantage as you are not entering their email boxes uninvited. Instead, it shows that they have a genuine interest in your product/ service and would like to know more about it.


Direct Access to Audience

People check their email regularly. But, likely, they do not open all of them. But, with email marketing, you have direct access to your audience. Armed with an excellent subject line, you will be able to drive up the engagement rates on these emails. 


Control is in Your Hands

In case you use a marketing platform, it always carries the risk of shutting down. All of your hard work will be gone within weeks. However, with emails, you have forged relationships with the customers. 

One Marketing Software in the UK worth noting is Optimiser, which integrates your emails on one platform. Of course, automate emails and forge relationships with customers as you would on any email platform, but this adds efficiency in the process, and you need not worry about losing any of your hard work.



Email campaigns tend to be more personalised and hyper-targetted as these are created using psychographic and demographic data. As per studies, personalised campaigns can bolster revenue by a huge margin.


Measurable and Scalable 

Measuring the success of every marketing campaign is vital for every business. Automated emails are conveniently measurable and can aid you in the process of analysis as well. Also, these campaigns are scalable as they do not put much strain on existing resources or compromise the quality. Marketing Software in the UK such as Optimiser provides several tools that can assist you in sorting out your resources and measuring the campaign's effectiveness.



Cut-throat Competition

In this ever-rising industry, the competition gets tough as everyone is exerting the best of their creativity. However, standing out in the crowd can be tough when the customer's mailbox gets 10 more emails from similar businesses. To be noticed, your emails have to be incredibly creative.


Email List Requirement 

Without an email list, you will end up sending the content to random people who are not interested in the products/ services you have. For any campaign to be effective, you need an email list.


Rules and Regulations Surrounding Email 

Usage of emails for commercial purposes has its own set of rules and regulations. You have to avoid unsolicited emails to the customers. Many-a-times, some can report your emails as spam even though they subscribe to the email list. Sender reputation can take a hit due to this.


Delivery Of Emails 

Email delivery is simple yet tricky at the same time. Sending emails is one of the easiest ways to maintain communication with clients, but delivery isn't assured. You will have to resolve delivery and other issues to run a marketing campaign through emails.




Even with the growing competition, you have enough space to expand. The creative narrative is always welcomed in the industry with open arms. In addition, effective email marketing can bolster your company’s revenue and forge more relationships with your customers.


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