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Business Automation

Growth Hacks: how business automation works

What is automation?

How can automation help my business?

How does automation lead to growth?

Are automations right for me and my business?

How do I get started with automations?


Automations are in frequent use across most technologies without anyone even realising, so why are businesses not doing the same to optimise their growth? By saving time and financial resources on routine tasks, business managers can send productivity, sales and growth skyrocketing with very little effort.


What is automation?

The word automation in essence refers to any system that uses self-directed IT equipment as part of its process. In the context of this blog ‘automation’ refers to business automations (also referred to as business process automation, or BPA);  how technology is implemented to carry out routine, everyday tasks without the need for human intervention.

Almost any task that works with volumes of data, from collection to analysis, can and should be automated to a certain degree. For example, predictive lead scoring, contact frequency analysis and sales forecasting can be carried out faster and much more accurately with the intervention of AI and automations.


How can automation help my business?

As just mentioned, automations help businesses by taking over control of routine tasks, but how do they do this and exactly what benefits should you be expecting to see as a business owner?

Automations begin on the bottom line with data entry and cleaning. As large streams of data come in from your multiple channels, it is collected as pure data with no more identifiable features than a page full of numbers. Automations work with all of this information to give it meaning and allow your teams to put data-guided insights to use through your marketing, sales and customer experience provision.



How does automation lead to growth?

Automations on the bottom line (marketing)

  • Automated campaigns help by collecting audience metrics live as information streams in from your user journey.


“The best marketers are always creating relationships,”

                                                                                                     - Kurt Uhlir


  • Use your audience insights to cater your marketing strategies to accurately target a more engaged and willing consumer.
  • You can also schedule and send emails from any domain to go out at the best time to reach your audience at their most engaged.



Sales funnel automations

  • Predictive lead scoring no longer involves large spreadsheets and complicated in-cell calculations. Automations use historic data and collected account information analysis to predict and assign lead warmth.
  • Automate certain stages of the pipeline to save time for sales reps on manual event, enquiry and subscription follow ups emails. 
  • More clarity on how your sales team is performing as they spend more time building relationships.



The automated and augmented customer experience

  • Collect all enquiries from one customer under a single contact for enhanced communication and user convenience across multiple touchpoint channels.
  • See what customers are contacting you about, how they reach out to you and at what times, allowing you to better allocate resources where they are most needed.



Are automations right for me and my business?


Automations are right for any business looking for a growth hack to kickstart a supercharged growth strategy. Businesses across industries use automations to optimise the way they handle certain manual processes:

  • SMEs
    • Customer nurturing
      • When it comes to growing your business, the most important place to start is by nurturing and retaining loyalty from existing customers. For SMEs who are just beginning to upsize and starting to consider growth strategies, automated customer nurturing should be first on the to-do list.
  • Enterprises
    • Data handling and cleaning
      • Global enterprises who are handling high-volume pipelines, and receive large amounts of data from multiple platforms by the hour would need to hire hundreds of people dedicated to cleaning and sorting data in order to maintain it all. Automations in contact and account keeping are essential functions to enable enterprises to accurately monitor their audience, user journey and marketing activities.
  • Clubs
    • Registration and membership renewal
      • For clubs, handling the registration and renewal of membership accounts that can vary in length, type, and capacity is a complex and ongoing process, with plenty of room for error when handled manually. In-built automations help club sales people by automating and handling the renewal process, from reminder emails to automatically-generated invoices.
  • Charities
    • Marketing proposals and campaigning
      • When it comes to charities, making sure that campaigns are creating an impact and bringing awareness to their given cause is vital in order to keep the charity afloat. By automating the marketing process, charities can run multiple campaigns side-by-side with little to no fuss. It also enables them to monitor their donations and sponsorships to see which marketing channels are resulting in the highest successes.
  • Hospitality
    • Customer experience and service provision
      • The customer experience is make or break for hospitality providers, and more than any other industry, hospitality providers have a chance to build deeply loyal relationships with existing customers. By scheduling automatic follow-up emails and personalised service offers based on purchase records, hospitality businesses can build and nurture personal relationships with a number of customer segments at once with little input required.


Business automations are a relatively inexpensive software feature included in most affordable CRM subscriptions today: whether you realise it or not!


How do I get started with automations?

Optimiser offers automatable features as standard with almost every feature, to assist you and your teams make the biggest optimisations of time resources at the start of your growth journey. Once you have chosen which CRM-integrated modules work best for you and your unique business needs, Optimiser’s expert onboarding team will help you train your staff and implement the automations in the daily running of your business. From repetitive tasks and calendar automations to smart email scheduling, Optimiser is there to help for the full automation journey to ensure you implement the best growth solution possible for your business.

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