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Five uses of CRM software that will make you better at growing business

What does a CRM system do?

How do I know if CRM is right for my business?

What are the best uses of my CRM software?

Why should I use Optimiser’s CRM?

How do I get started?



What does a CRM system do?

On a basic level, a CRM system helps you manage your customer relationships more effectively: the clue’s in the name! A CRM tool is made from a number of components that handle a different aspect of the customer journey through your pipeline, and combine them into one easily manageable place.



How do I know if CRM is right for my business?

CRM is the right fit for any business that provides a service or product to customers, whether on a subscription or single-purchase basis. From clubs to not-for-profits, SMEs to global enterprises, the CRM system integrates with the current essential technology you use for the everyday running of your business. 

Once integrated, businesses can begin to revolutionise the way they handle their customers, contacts and accounts. From a single system your teams can warmth score, onboard, retain and much more! Making it easier than ever to build loyal brand relationships that generate more value on your bottom line and facilitate growth across the full business scope.


  • Membership renewal status tracking
  • Optimise registrations through the pipeline
  • Effectively maintain a large database


  • Save money on a single platform with all the tools you need
  • Nurture healthy relationships with key sponsors and donors
  • Event management increases fundraising prospects


  • Turn clients into advocates
  • Evolve beyond third party tools
  • A platform that flexes and grows as your business does


  • Unites separate departments and data flows onto a single platform
  • Time-saving, productivity-boosting automations
  • Large scale management across platforms and territories




CRM providers can work with your business to discover productivity and resource drains, and implement a customised software solution that meets your exact requirements. This allows you to keep IT budget costs low, and pay only for tools that will provide excellent benefits: no matter what business model you use, or industry/ marketplace you exist in.



What are the best uses of my CRM software?

Integrated CRM software can be used across the full business scope; using data from sales to marketing, operations to IT, in order to gain detailed insights into performance. There are five main areas in which CRM will be most beneficial when growing your business’s reputation and sales.

1- Sales

For obvious reasons, the sales team has the most face time with clients. Thus, it is important that they are well-versed in digital relationship maintenance. The changing face of the workplace has meant reps have had to become used to making sales and nurturing customers online. CRM allows a team to effectively manage their sales duties from a single platform, grow comprehensive client accounts, and automate follow-ups, saving more time for personal and engaging communication.

Maintaining and nurturing a customer is 10x cheaper than obtaining a new customer on average. Investing in a powerful CRM platform means sales reps can develop best-practice strategies for retaining strong relationships with contacts and accounts and promoting brand loyalty.

2- Marketing

Marketing teams can benefit equally from your CRM due to its ability to deep-dive into your audience insights. Understand who your key clients are, how they arrived with your business and what communications they have reacted to. Connect campaigns across every one of your channels and collect key metrics in a single database to understand where your best revenue streams originate, and redeploy resources.

3- Analytics

Analytics is an integrated part of Optimiser’s core CRM, allowing you to create custom reports about any part of your business. Gain quick understanding of key data metrics, allowing you to update KPIs, create tasks and increase business intelligence in just a few simple clicks. 

All of your company data feeds into a single cloud base with limitless storage, meaning custom selections of data can be combined or compared using smart reports in simple chart and graph format.


“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice,”

  • Anton Chekhov


4- Meetings, Conferences, and Events

Organise meetings and conferences on the cloud-based CRM calendar that allows you to synchronise teams and view colleagues’ schedules. Optimise the way you arrange meetings, streamline your company workflow, and save time when planning repeat calls. Add call requests and create detailed meeting details including an agenda which can be shared with relevant parties on-platform or via email.

Dedicated events management module integrated with CRM allows delegate and invitee tracking, segregated events calendar and unique tasks.

5- Projects

Project management software allows you to separate project-specific information from daily processes, streamline work and manage high volume tasks. Create, allocate and prioritise detailed tasks, gain live feedback and seamlessly allocate project resources. Keep key stakeholders satisfied and in the loop with Optimiser’s secure on-platform two factor verification feature.



Why should I use Optimiser’s CRM?

Optimiser’s CRM is unique to other providers because it allows you to create your customisable subscription using the tools your business requires to succeed. A thorough onboarding process by the expert onboarding team works with you to create smart automations, integrate your essential third party tools and G-Suite account, and seamlessly transfer all resources and data onto your new system.

Intuitive design and user-friendly interface makes your new system quick to pick up, requiring less training time for your teams. Start building your business and revolutionising processes right away!



How do I get started?

Contact Optimiser’s support team to get help from the expert onboarding department. Working with your unique business needs, Optimiser defines your scope of work and identifies areas in which CRM software can be effectively implemented. Your personalised subscription is then created and integrated into your daily activities using detailed training videos, assistance with automations, and database transfer.

Optimiser is a comprehensive CRM software company, providing businesses a customisable solution to their personal goals for sales, productivity, and growth. Powerful integrated modules include lead management software, a B2B sales toolkit, automated marketing suite and more for sale under a single subscription. Try Optimiser’s CRM software demo with access to the full Enterprise Licence FREE for 30 days, and find out how you can skyrocket productivity in just one month!


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