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Event Marketing Guide: Strategies, Ideas & Examples

Event marketing promotes the products and services, allowing them to establish and grow. It is one of the best ways to educate people and alert them about your brand's existence. As many as 64 percent of event marketers reported organising events for brand awareness. People are bound to talk about the events they have attended, and word of mouth spreads faster than anything.  


Event Marketing Plan

Know your event 

Knowing your event is an essential process. You need to know what your event is for and what purpose it will be serving. From then on, you can pay attention to detail that will play a vital role in your marketing plan. This includes event name, theme, templates, tag lines and colour schemes. 

Other event basics include the event type ( Hybrid, Virtual or In-person), social media channels for promotions, type of event venue required, target customers etc. 


SMART goals

An event marketing plan separates your efforts from every other business. Having a marketing plan allows you to detail your event step-wise and makes the planning process far smoother.

How can you build an excellent event marketing plan? 

With the help of SMART goals, you can begin by detailing your goals and expectations from the event that will play a role in the marketing plan. 

S: Specific  

M: Measurable

A: Attainable 

R: Relevant 

T: Timely 


Professional event organisers have used SMART goals for years to avoid vague goals like the event's aim is to bring more leads. Bringing in more potential customers is an important goal; however, SMART goals focus on the strategy to bring in more leads. It is more detailed and action-oriented. 

It also helps you give direction to the event planning process and measure if the event was successful or not.




Every event deserves a promotion. Your marketing plan should reflect the promotion strategies with the proper event planning. If you do not know where to start, your social media have a random series of posts that confuse the audience. With a marketing template that will capture the audience's attention, you can get started. Using Optimiser CRM's event management suite integrated with the marketing suite, you can engage your audience and create a fan base with relevant content. 


Event marketing with email 

There are 4 billion daily users of email. More than 64 percent of businesses use email marketing to promote businesses. Marketers have observed an increase of 760 per cent increase in revenue. With the right email marketing strategy, you can effectively disseminate information about your event. And 31 per cent of the marketers have agreed that the best way to nurture a customer is through emails. Using Optimiser, event marketers can send mass emails to the registered guests and catch them up with the ongoing. Otherwise, the drip campaign will constantly send emails to the guests to ensure that the communication efforts between the company and the consumers are consistent. 


Content creation and management 

About 87 percent of marketers use content marketing to promote marketing campaigns for brand awareness, increase engagement, and improve sales numbers. You will need to figure out what content you will be putting out there and who will be managing all of it. This will need a viable plan for newsletters, social media, website blogs, PR, etc. 


Event success measurement 

During the event, activities are running, and everyone is busy. Therefore, it is best to decide beforehand how you will be measuring the event's success. Key performance indicators that you will be tracking during and after the event will allow you to measure the event's performance. There are many KPIs for event marketing and evaluate its performance but choose ones that align with your goals. 



An event marketing plan needs a detailed strategy, very much like event planning. Whether content, promotion, or KPIs, event organisers require solid event management software like Optimiser for seamless communication and planning.



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