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Effective Email Marketing Strategies to Generate More Sales

Email marketing software comes with a variety of features that marketers can use to grow their business and generate more sales. However, they will not reap the results you are looking for if you do not plan your strategy for email marketing. According to marketers, 40% of emails are important for content strategies and generate quality leads. 


Personalise customer communication 

Consumers receive a huge amount of mass-produced and click baited promotional content that sometimes discourages them from signing up for newsletters and offers. However, suppose you are willing to put in extra effort to stand out from your competitors and send emails that are relevant to their interests and personalised. In that case, they are less likely to be frustrated. It has been observed that emails with relevant content are opened 88% times more than ones that do not tailor their content. Millennials are already frustrated with brands sending unessential emails. If your marketing emails do not receive the expected response, it may be time to adopt a more human-centric approach and Maintenance of the email list. 

Adding testimonials to the emails is always a good way to start. The consumers can see what users have liked about the products and how it has helped them grow. Many of the glowing 5-star reviews can be highlighted using this strategy. Feature these quotes to build the trust of the consumers in your products and give them personal recommendations that are relevant to their search history. 

Two-third of people have said that they like to receive emails that are mostly images. One can even include authentic images from the customers and invite your consumers to get attracted to your business.



Optimise the Subject Line 

As per research, 33% of contacts open emails based on the subject line. Similarly, industry data suggested, 62% of individuals open emails on mobile devices, and the numbers are likely to increase. More and more contacts will be opening their messages on phones. This is why you must make some design considerations if you wish to maintain a high open rate on smaller screens. On the desktop, the subject line is usually clear and fully displayed. But on phones, only 25-40 characters are visible. If it is too long, the main substance that highlights the purpose of the email will be cut off, and the consumer is likely to ignore the email. 

Some short subject line examples that you can use for your promotional emails are: 

Consider a short and crisp subject line that addresses the subject immediately:  

1. Fall Sale: 20% off store-wide

Mobile users who only get to see 25- 40 characters at once will know immediately with the 'Fall Sale' that this is a promotional email from the store. The 20% off will capture the interest and persuade them to open the email to read more about it. 

Pop culture catchphrases can grab the audience's attention faster than anything. Take the example of the catchphrase from Game of Thrones being used to promote the upcoming winter sale. 

2. Winter is Coming, so is the sale!

You can expand the content further in the emails or add a link to your website to give them more information about the subject matter.


Contact List Hygiene

Maintaining an email list for contacts is incredibly important. You require reliable information to attract new leads to your business, and for that, your contact list is like your holy grail. Any outdated and unengaged lead will have to be weeded out regularly to ensure that your bounce rate does not increase. Optimiser's Marketing Automation software automatically removes such leads from your database to ensure that your list is clean and relevant. You do not have to manually do these tedious tasks. 

While the first instinct is to keep these contacts based on 'What if they open it, however, this can be more harmful to your email performance. All it does is drop your Open rate, CTR and engagement. 

Meaning as your business begins to grow, so makes your list. All the old contacts will stop engaging with you, and the metrics will worsen. It will only frustrate you further. It has been found that more than 30% of contacts decay every year. This is not necessarily bad, but it can be if old contacts are not removed from the list.

Another trouble it will cause is that your emails will be reported as spam. Consumers who find the product relevant will not receive your emails as they land in the spam filter. If anything, it will begin to harm your business. 




Email automation platforms like Optimiser allow you to create a customised workflow based on past interactions. These are trigger emails sent when a customer takes a specific action. Following if/ then logic-based rules, the workflow automation emails can improve the open rates by over 152%. 

One example is sending reminders about the abandoned products in the shopping cart to the consumer to remind them to complete their purchase.



Effectively maintaining your contact list and using automation can bring in the results you hope for. But over time, you will need to optimise and personalise communication to gain better results. While the results will not be visible immediately. Once they begin to show up, it will maintain a consistent pace of growth.





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