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Customer Acquisition in 2022: Ultimate strategies and channels to optimise for conversions

To put it in a nutshell, customer acquisition is the process of bringing in new customers to your business. Using different techniques and channels, you can bring in consumers and convert them into paying customers with strategic nurturing methods. The end goal is to maintain a sustainable and planned strategy that will grow the business revenue in the long run. 


1. Sustainable Strategy

It is important to build a strategy that will keep up with you in the long run. It should hold up for the foreseeable future. If you are planning to invest in time, money or human efforts, you should be able to reap the benefits. One sustainable source is inbound marketing which creates traffic for a longer period and brings in new customers as long as the advertisements are live. 


2. Flexibility 

Your strategy should be flexible and adaptable. It should be able to reconcile with the changing demands of the customers. Your customers will respond differently to the same product at different times. Let's take an example. Before the pandemic, masks were sought after by a limited number of people. The medical industry was one of the biggest buyers of masks. However, as the virus struck, people responded differently to masks' advertisements.



3. Target Market

All consumers are not your customers. Some consumers have specific needs that you cannot deliver, and that's okay!

You need to focus on the consumers whose problems you can solve with your product. You simply need to define what problems you are solving and how it will help them improve their day-to-day life after implementation. Optimiser CRM offers a segmentation tool that segregates your customers into different groups, allowing you to hone unique strategies to target each of them. 


4. Diversity 

Your customer acquisition strategy should be diverse. It should bring in variation. You can do that by using different channels for acquisition. This will improve the opportunities presented to you and bring in more leads that can be nurtured effectively.


Customer Acquisition Channels to Optimise Conversions


Organic Search

Search results on Google, Bing etc. on search engine result pages ( or SERPs) are used in organic search. Organic marketing is used to rank higher on these search pages. To use organic search as a customer acquisition channel, businesses will need to invest in SEO that will complement the content marketing effort to find the right audience. 


Paid Search

Pay per click is a feature of paid search marketing that includes advertising on the search engines. Compared to organic search channels, you can pay partner websites and publishers to display your ads and increase the chances of being found by different audiences. 


Social Media

Social media marketing includes organic and paid methods. Organic is often used to create brand awareness, engage with the audience, and allow the company to develop an online personality. The content you share such as blogs, videos etc provide you with a push to your other acquisition methods. 

Paid social media consists of paying for social media advertisements. Depending on your audience type and the budget, one can build a network of loyal followers and advertise to new audiences.



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Email Marketing 

Prefered by 80% of the marketers for customer acquisition, emails are used to collect customer information and disseminate useful content. While many consider it an outdated method for acquiring new customers, it is the best way of keeping these leads engaged. 



Sometimes the best way to acquire new customers is to use the recommendations of your current customers. Their reviews and experience can be leveraged be make your business look desirable.

You can design referral programs to persuade your current customers and offer incentives when they bring in new leads. 



Events are a great way to connect to new customers. Attendees register with their email addresses, allowing you to connect with them through one platform. With Optimiser Event Management Suite, users can create and manage large scale events with ease. 


Traditional Advertising 

Traditional advertising on TV, radio, and print is best for local businesses as well as bigger enterprises. 



Keep your old clients close and work on gaining new ones with a powerful customer acquisition strategy. Be it an old business or a new one, you will need a strategy to acquire customers if you wish to gain more revenue. Businesses cannot afford to stop marketing to new customers any more than they can lose their old customers. 

Using Optimiser CRM, your excellent customer service team can work collaboratively with the sales and the marketing department, allowing your business to exceed every customer's expectations and retain new customers as well.



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