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How Behavioural Personas Drive Business Growth?

What are Behavioural Personas?

How does Behavioural Persona help in Driving Business Growth?

Which key CRM features assist in creating Behavioral Personas?


It is easy to lose track of your vision while building a business. People spend weeks and months thinking about the features and nuances of the product. Having a solid business plan is only halfway to the marathon. Building a supportive customer journey for potential customers is essential to start a sustainable business. It is the Behavioural Personas that help in designing a better customer journey.

What are Behavioural Personas?

Based on market research data, the user, customers, or audience of a market segment represented by imaginary people refers to Personas.

Questions like, Who are the customers? What do they want? How can the company give them what they want are some of the questions answered by personas. 

Besides, behavioural personas reflect on what you already know about a well-defined audience. 



How does Behavioural Persona help in Driving Business Growth?


1. Accurate Customer Segmentation 

Various studies have revealed that customers often switch between companies because of poor product personalisation. This happens when you fail to segment your audience accurately.

Apart from demographic segmentation, customers can be sectioned on the basis of stage of the lead funnel, marketing campaigns, etc. This can aid your data collection to an extent. This is because people are varying individuals who behave and think differently. Real-life and online behaviour analysis assist in the creation of more efficient marketing and sales campaigns.  

Optimiser allows to segment the audience based on the stage of deal closures. This system is automated and extremely easy to operate. The data is put into the software directly once the consumer fills in their details from the webpage. 



2. Identify the motivation of individuals and how to fulfil the needs

Most of the customer's behaviour is driven by the unconscious mind. These needs are unmet and even unrecognised. With the help of verbal output and behavioural cues, one can identify these unconscious needs. 

Simply analysing the market and industry trends is not enough. You would need to evolve your search into the customer's unconscious needs and motivations. This can be accomplished through social media. Conversing with customers and using it for textual analysis and natural language processing can help you identify individual motivations. Creating a solid persona can help you in pushing your business forward.



3. Campaigns Created on Data that Matters

Data-driven campaigns are important as they are more likely to attract the interest of customers. If the data is not relevant, your marketing campaigns are essentially useless. Your time, effort and even revenue are being put into something that does not promote your business growth. 

With the help of advanced tools, qualitative data collected from behavioural personas can be converted to quantitative data. This allows you to create marketing and sales campaigns based on quantified behavioural data. 

Optimiser can access reports from the file section on a single platform. These comprehensive reports are easy to read and are equipped with charts, and graphs for pictorial demonstration. 



4. Leads and Pipeline Management

Pipeline management allows you to maintain a good relationship with the existing clients. This would enable client retention with contract renewals and would bring good referral business. These contacts can further refer you to new business relationships. 

One of the features of the Optimiser's CRM software leads that are accumulated in the system can be analysed. These can help you understand whether or not they will become closed deals or not.  

Once a deal lands on the website through different sources, it is recorded in the Pipeline module. The data is entered from the website or through references. The automated data is set at a stage defining the probability of closure. You begin nurturing the leads, and the probability of opting for the products increases or decreases based on their behaviour. 



5. Build brand and Improve Customer Relationships

Customers often feel that they are not getting their value for money on products. This happens when the companies do not analyse their customers' wants and desires.  

Through the behavioural persona analysis, you can draw inferences that drive your business ahead. There are several reports available within the system to understand behaviour with different aspects of your product. These insights can bring more value to make sound business decisions to improve products and services. 



6. Predictions and Performance tracking

Human behaviour evolves as the environment around them changes. As per psychologists, even a personality that is considered stable can change over time. Since the rapid changes in customer behaviours are the only constant, tracking them and tailoring campaigns as per the newer trends may help growing your business.

One example of this is the ongoing pandemic. As people have had time to themselves, they draw out what they like, what motivates them, etc. Ultimately this has changed consumer demands. When you track and consider your customers’ behaviour, your marketing and sales campaigns won't fail.

Which key CRM features assist in creating Behavioral Personas?

  • Contacts with Client Interaction History: CRM can store information of your clients, such as their purchase history, preferences, contact information, queries, etc. This can even include referrals, vouchers used, and subscriptions.
  • Reports: Reports and statistics can be consolidated from all the data collected in your system. You can use this to learn more about the campaigns designed. You can use these reports to track the performances of your team members as well.
  • Pipeline Segmentation: CRM is for the personalisation of data. For both customers and the business. Some CRMs even have a feature that enables moving leads to the pipeline after a behaviour is triggered. This happens whenever the customer clicks on an email, blogs, responds to email, etc. This is a lead scoring feature. 
  • In-built surveys and Drip Campaigns: In-built surveys can be shared with the customer to learn what their experience has been and what they would like to see further. Additionally, drip campaigns ensure that new customers are updated about all the previous happenings in the organisation with the help of automated emails that go out on a specific timeline or on the basis of user behaviour.

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