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5 Reasons Why Every Business Needs Business Intelligence Tools

Combining analytics, data mining, data tools, infrastructure, and data visualisation makes Business Intelligence or BI. These tools enable organisations to access a comprehensive view of their operations and data that drive change, remove any sort of inefficiency and adapt to the changing marketing trends and shifts in the supply.   

  • Data mining: With the help of databases, statistics and machine learning, one can learn about the upcoming trends in the huge datasets
  • Reporting: Sharing information analysis with partners, allowing them to draw their own conclusions and make data-driven business decisions 
  • Performance metrics: Comparing current performance to previous data to gain insights about goals using customised dashboards
  • Descriptive analysis: Using primary data analysis to determine what is happening in the business 
  • Querying: One can ask data specific questions, and the BI will provide answers that will originate from the datasets 
  • Statistical analysis: Using the results from the descriptive analysis, one can further explore the data with the help of statistics to see how a trend came into being and the reasons behind it 
  • Data visualisation: Data analysis can be transformed into visual illustrations such as histograms, charts, and graphs that allow easy information communication
  • Visual analysis: One can even explore the data with the help of storytelling to communicate the results and remain inflow of the analysis
  • Data preparation: With the aid of multiple data sources and compiling them, one can identify dimensions and measurements that will help one prepare for data analysis.

With Business Intelligence reporting, there has been a positive impact on the overall business performance when used correctly. Here are the top 5 reasons why every business needs a BI tool:


1. Workflow Pace and Simplified Data

BI can access data from various sources. It can efficiently collect them all into a reporting system without delay in decision-making and analysis. BI tools can assist entry-level employees, key stakeholders, and analysts with comprehensive reports with their centralised nature. 

Beyond that, BI reporting makes it easier to access data even for those outside the IT field. 


2. Historical Data

BI reporting offers vast amounts of historical information stored on one platform. Machine learning will pick up on the pattern and new trends that will be either helping the business or hurting it.


3. Operational Forecasting and Customer Insight

Based on tracking, predictive analysis and artificial intelligence, businesses can make informed decisions about future operations to produce the desired results. This reduces the chances of a business decision backfiring and costing them financially. Moreover, based on solid research, it will give businesses a competitive edge in the market.



The survival of a business is dependent on a customer, regardless of what industry one operates in. BI reporting comes in handy in tracking customer behaviour, gathering relevant customer data and personalising customer experiments for improved brand loyalty. 


4. Improved Data Quality

The better data quality, the more informed a decision will be. BI reporting collects different data from different sources to provide you with an accurate reflection of what will happen to the business. 


5. Strategised Solutions

Business Intelligence tools formulate crucial strategies to ensure that future business practices are effective and the decisions taken further are informed. Be it streamlining the budget, internal mechanism, or establishing campaigns that will leverage the business' strengths, a BI reporting tool will assist you throughout. 


Final Words

If you are contemplating on getting a BI reporting tool for your business. Then, ensure that you have received guidance and consulted industry experts while selecting a BI tool. You will have unique business needs, requiring a flexible tool tailored to it, so you get the most out of this software.



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