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4 Ways how Optimiser CRM can Simplify the life of Remote Teams?

Optimiser, the best CRM software for those on a budget, offers business owners solutions such as sales suite, integration, marketing suite, Project management etc., with full customisation to suit individual business needs. 

Given that the pandemic has worked the corporate scenario, many organisations are leaning towards work from the home arrangement as it has increased productivity compared to office. Employees can operate from the comforts of their homes and deliver quality projects. However, working from home comes with a set of challenges that need to be overcome so that the life of your remote team can be simplified. 


“CRM isn't Rocket Science, But it can make you a competitive Superstar”



Challenges of Remote Working 


  • Information Gaps in Business

Cloud-based storage was on the rise way before the pandemic. But following it, it gained traction with numerous organisations who wished to convert to a work from home situation. However, those who have not are facing information silos within the organisation. 

This happens when the data is stored within department-specific apps and web applications. 

Say one system is being used for deals, another for marketing campaigns, and yet another for performance metrics. This makes it hard for you to gain insight into the customer journey and business performance. 



  • Poor Communication

Meeting virtually with colleagues can be tiring. But sometimes, you are not able to convey full information. Many businesses faced the challenge of improving communication when the pandemic hit for the first time. As a result, they needed to become more collaborative. Unfortunately, many are still struggling with this as they do not have a unified workflow automation and communication solution. 



  • Selling Products Remotely

The biggest challenge in the work from the home scenario is selling your product within the confines of your house. People like to buy products from stores they can visit and people they can meet. Then, however, will one be able to promote and sell their products if the people are hesitant. CRM software for small businesses as well as medium and large businesses is the answer, but many are yet to explore this option. 

Additionally, remote working can cause misalignment between the sales and the marketing team as they are not able to communicate the strategies properly.



  • Budgeting Ads

Since OOH advertising got hit during the pandemic as people stopped stepping out, companies could allocate their resources to email campaigns, content marketing, paid search engines advertising, SEO and much more. But managing several online advertising channels and getting performance reports for evaluation can get messy, and you can become prone to making errors.




How can Optimiser Simplify the Life of Remote Reams?


  • Optimiser's Power of One platform

A unified and comprehensive CRM solution, Optimiser stores your data on one platform and offers the power of different functions of business at one place. Optimiser offers from marketing, to sales, project management to website builder with multiple outlet management. It eliminates the hassle of using multiple softwares, and comes under one subscription, hence affordable. You can access it with a single click. From lead management to accessing customer journeys, this CRM software functions like a browser. You do not need to switch from one platform to another. Instead, integrate your data and access it from your account. Upon selection, they open in a grid view like an excel, which makes it easy to use. 

You can view reports and build dashboards in a place for future reference. Built reports will be shared with you for analysing and evaluating strategies. 



  • View Customer Journey from a Single Platform 

Being able to access the customer journey from one platform is extremely vital. Not only does this overcome the information silo challenge, but it also allows the marketing and the sales teams to align their strategies and have focused communication that can benefit the organisation in the long run. Even with work from home, the deliverables will not suffer. 

The teams will not have to spend unnecessary time hunting data with a single view of the customer journey. Instead, it can be devoted to implementing new strategies, launching new campaigns and analysing older results for better forecasting.




  • Accountability Increased with Inbuilt Capabilities 

Optimiser is one of the best CRM software present in the market. However, do not just take our word for it. 

We have reasons for that. With in-built abilities like project management, integration, sales and marketing suites etc., it adds transparency within the organisation. Automated tasks keep up the members on track with the significant deals and upcoming deadlines. You will never miss out on a task with this CRM software. Streamlining the customer onboarding process and added workflow automation serve to enhance user experience.



  • Fully Customisable and Affordable CRM system

People seeking CRM software for small businesses tend to look for the most affordable option that gives out more services. While a small to the medium business may not require a unified solution, one can customise their package to suit their needs. Moreover, you can change your plans as your business grows. Easy to use, you will not have to spend countless hours understanding the Optimiser CRM as the company believes in simplifying the business processes. 




Optimiser offers its customer a free trial and demo of the platform. We believe in delivering the simplest solution to all business needs. Because business information processing need not be complicated. Compared to other CRMs, Optimiser is extremely easy to use. Our team will assist you with the onboarding and guide you to benefit from this ultimate solution-oriented platform.




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