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4 Essential features of your Sales Team Toolkit

The purpose of a sales team toolkit

1- Pipeline

2- Analytics

3- Integrations

4- Automations


You may be aware that having a digital toolkit for your sales team will benefit your sales overall, but do you know which are the essential tools you should expect from your provider? And exactly how do they work? Read on to discover the real power of digital sales tools.


The purpose of a sales team toolkit

Digital selling is about more than taking a lead from point A to point B and closing a sale. If you are solely focussed on closing deals, you will quickly find your sales begin to plateau. 

A sales toolkit helps your reps to focus on the right things when making a sale. The collection of digital software is designed to support and supplement parts of the sales teams’ work: allowing you to save time spent on routine follow ups and manual data handling. 

By allowing your reps to focus on building excellent brand relationships and retaining loyal customers, you will find your sales skyrocket naturally with fewer time and financial resources needed to move the lead along the funnel!

The sales team toolkit should be a cornerstone of any sales manager’s strategy. But what tools exactly are the ones you should be expecting from your sales tool provider?


1. Pipeline

What it is: A tool that tracks your leads from the acquisition stage to closure. 

What it does: The Pipeline tool allows you to create an individualised pipeline or funnel for each lead, project or client. Within that pipeline you can map the steps that make up the full sales funnel. Use pipeline to keep on top of activities, opportunities for cross-selling and expansion, next-step management, client nurturing and follow-ups. 

Save time on internal coordination by collecting all relevant lead information in a single cloud-hosted place. Helps to align the workflow and goals of the sales team to ensure everyone is working toward the same shared target. This tool is particularly useful for global enterprise teams who spend a lot of time coordinating processes online. 

Gain a clear snapshot of your prospect data with sales pipeline management software that lays out tasks, reports and communications into a clear and intuitive onboarding timeline. Quicker information retrieval and simpler sales funnel management.

Optimiser’s Pipeline: Allowing you to accelerate your conversions with management in real-time, Optimiser’s pipeline integrates seamlessly with your other essential Optimiser modules. Unite the sales and marketing teams under a single prospect data flow: increasing productivity and revenue.


2. Analytics

What it is: A data collecting, cleaning and sorting tool that delves deep into your audience to provide insightful and actionable reports.

What it does: Nowadays, any sales or marketing person knows they should be collecting data about the people who visit their website, interact with their brand and purchase a product. Not only does data increase the likelihood of a higher-value sale, it holds plenty of value in itself. 

Analytics help companies of all sizes understand and act upon their data. For enterprises with large amounts of data, analytics remove the need for long spreadsheets and complex algorithms, helping gain audience metrics quickly and efficiently. For smaller businesses who may not be utilising audience data in the most efficient possible way, analytics helps teams gain the full use out of what their data is telling them.

Optimiser’s Analytics: Be confident in implementing new procedures and planning for the future, and go further than you ever thought possible with data-driven reports from your CRM and sales activity. Optimiser’s analytics help you understand consumer preferences, your sales performance and how good you are at engaging with existing customers: providing plenty of actionable insights. 

Gain email marketing result analytics on your bounce rate, click throughs and conversions to tailor messaging and ensure your campaigns are capturing consumer interests.


“Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed”

Dan Zarella

3. Integrations

What it is: The way your digital systems work with each other, how they share data and make it easy to streamline the individual parts of your workflow into a single process.

What it does: By linking the individual parts of your digital business tools, it makes transferring data and key metrics between departments a simple and fast process. By uniting your various systems and creating a single centralised database (usually located on the cloud), you ensure that every employee always has access to the latest, accurate company data. 

The reduction in manual data handling and information transfer reduces the risk of errors, miscalculations and false data that can usually lead to a loss in revenue, customers, or employee time.

Optimiser’s Integrations: Every suite offered by Optimiser is fully integrated with the powerful core CRM module. No matter which solutions you feel are right for your business, when you onboard the Optimiser system with your legacy tools the expert Optimiser onboarding team will ensure that each feature is fully synchronised with each other: ensuring optimum efficiency and productivity.


4. Automations

What it is: Automations are formulae applied to parts of your business process that remove the need for manual intervention.

What it does: Automations can be applied to any process of your workflow which uses data, is repetitive, or formulaic. By freeing up sales reps’ time on consuming and complex data handling or lengthy lead nurturing, you can effectively reduce drains on time resources, as well as reducing the likelihood of errors in data handling leading to complaints and losses. 

One of the most useful automotive tools for salespeople is predictive lead scoring. By uniting the actions of the marketing team with sales data, the most promising leads are given a higher warmth prediction: helping you to identify your best chances to make the biggest sales. This not only helps generate more revenue, but it also allows you to allocate time and financial resources cleverly and improve productivity. 

Optimiser’s Automations: Optimiser provides smart automations for your business that benefit every department involved in the selling and organisation of your product or service. Automations in marketing prospects, sales funnel nurturing, to finance invoice generation and more, result in time and financial resources saved across the board. 


Optimiser is a comprehensive CRM software company, providing businesses a customisable solution to their personal goals for sales, productivity, and growth. Powerful integrated modules include lead management software, a B2B sales toolkit, automated marketing suite and more for sale under a single subscription. Try Optimiser’s CRM software demo with access to the full Enterprise Licence FREE for 30 days, and find out how you can skyrocket productivity in just one month!


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