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2022 Forecast: What's Next for Event Planning and Design?

Adapting to new changes has been the requirement for event professionals way before the pandemic set in. However, after the virus, industry professionals faced a new set of troubles. They were forced to innovate to the new challenges using the online platforms. The shift from offline events to online has been rough, but the experience has smoothened over time, and people enjoy attending online events. 

With 2022 setting in and the virus slowing down, the safety of the attendees and staff remains a top priority for all. So, what is coming up for the event industry in 2022?


1. Event planning 

Technology will continue to play out how events are going to be planned. Hybrid events may not remain as popular, but they will continue to co-exist as people have enjoyed attending events online. It cannot replace the feeling of physically attending the events, but it gives the attendees an option to choose from if they are otherwise occupied.

With the help of Event Management Suite, one will be able to create content for both in-person and remote attendees. This will prove to be a game-changer as these immersive experiences will redefine how we have organised events. 

Using virtual reality and augmented reality, we will create a hyper-realistic environment for events. It will appeal to the visual and spatial processing of the attendees. 

Aligning augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D technology is still a challenge, but it is one of the most exciting opportunities to provide content to a broader audience.



2. Physical Gathering 

Large scale events are coming back in 2022, with a particular set of requirements. However, smaller and highly curated events will be preferred over them. Ideally, when we create a significant event, we wish to connect with as many people as possible. In a rush to form new connections, we cannot understand each other on a personal level. With small events, the networking efforts will be personalised and customised. They will be far more engaging, and the targeted attendees will form a bond with the brand. Significant events do not offer the luxury of creating such relationships. Event professionals will create more insightful content that will directly impact the attendees rather than creating content that is generally favoured by a large audience.


3. Health and safety protocols

Safety protocols will not be dropped anytime soon. These will be integrated into events. Be it social distancing, masing, temperature-taking or adding sanitiser in every event kit for the attendees. The professionals will have to adhere to the government set guidelines for events and follow the event capacity rules. With emerging technology and innovation, event professionals will strive to create a safe and healthy space for their guests. With making a strategy for security, event professionals will also have to plan for health. This will remain a significant factor for every event budget in 2022.



4. Purpose 

In 2022, events will start meaningful conversations. Be it for systematic racism, LGBTQIA+ rights, gender disparities etc. Creating fundraisers for several causes will continue as the brands aim to make a difference in society. They seek to form deeper connections not only for networking and product sales but also to assimilate information about the issues of today's world. Many brands are likely to collaborate on social media platforms for a cause they believe in and connect with them critically. 


5. Sustainability

While there is no hiding the fact that a considerable amount of resources go to waste after every event, with online events, the wasteful habits of the events industry decreased dramatically. It also led them to examine how to reduce this waste when they get back in the large-scale events. 

Event professionals take steps to ensure that the waste of resources is minimised. This is appreciated by both the consumers and by future generations. Event companies are launching initiatives to ensure that they can create a better tomorrow by supporting the local community and reducing waste. For example, Optimiser event management suite has put sustainability at the core of its planning process. Our solutions aim to pioneer a sustainable future.



With technology evolving each day, the events industry will adapt to every change. The pandemic is a testimony of the same. As a result, we can expect to see some powerful changes coming from events that will impact society and the environment for a better cause.


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