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15 automation statistics you should be aware of in 2022

Automation is one of the most vital tools for enhancing productivity by cutting out menial tasks and allowing the employees to focus on important tasks at hand. 


Here are the top 15 automation statistics you should be aware of in 2022:


Automation and Sales 

1. Less than 1% of the B2B organisations contact or call an inbound lead within 5 minutes

The odds of qualifying the leads decrease by 400% when the response time of delayed by 5 to 10 minutes. Automation allows you to keep in touch with them. Automation is an intelligent route to ensure that you are in touch with the customers and do not lose out on any opportunity.


2. More than 50% of the time is wasted on unproductive prospecting 

Sales are not always a hit and miss. Sometimes, it is about using the right tools to qualify the most effective leads. This can be done using automation. 


Automation and Marketing 

3. About 51% of organisations have 21 or more digital marketing tools but only 9% of them have a fully utilised MarTech stack.

A portmanteau between marketing and technology, MarTech tools allow marketers to plan and execute intelligent campaigns. It beings with content management. CRM, analytics and social media tools. The real value of digital tools in the world of marketing is being discovered slowly. While it may not seem like it, integration between marketing apps is not used widely. However, it does allow you to construct a marketing workflow. 



4. Emails tend to be 40 times more effective in converting leads into paying customers as compared to Facebook and Twitter combined. 

With the rise of social media, people tend to be more active, emails are what converts them into paying customers. This may come as a surprise but emails are the most effective tools for marketing teams. Automation tools allow you to send out emails on a scheduled date or time to ensure consistent communication with the customers on this platform. 


Multitasking Statistics 

5. About 40% of productivity is lost due to switching between tasks 

Multitasking may not be as effective as we think it is. When we try to juggle many tasks at hand, we end up losing focus. It has been shown in various studies that the human brain is wired to focus on one thing at a time. However, while working with more than one workflow, we need to switch between multiple apps. In that case, we can use automation to centralise the work. 


6. Lack of alignment between the team members can impact the outcome of a task or a project as per 97% of employees and executives.

For any business to succeed, having a centralised approach toward the goal is always beneficial. All of the team members are ambitious and competitive but they should remember that they are all working towards the same goal. When they function like a well-oiled machine, they collaborate better and their performance exceeds expectations every time. They are far more likely to set higher benchmarks. 


7. Managing time and workload have been the biggest issue faced by the customer support department as per 73% of the customer support professionals

Customer support professionals are at the frontline when it comes to having experience in dealing with customers. They are loaded with tickets to resolve, unhappy customers, and sometimes even angry ones. They need to go through tons of information to ensure that the customer's problems are solved. 

Automation can ease out some of their worries as there will be far lesser processes they will need to finish before they can speak to the customer. 


Data Entry

8. More than 50% of the office-based professionals' time is spent looking for paperwork manually. 

Information silos exist because communication is poor or almost non-existent. This also happens when the documents are filed incorrectly or lost. Automation ensures that all this admin work is undertaken without investing too much time. CRM like Optimiser will update the data for you in the CRM. 



9. More than 19% of automation fall under order to cash. 


10. About 45% of teams in business play a significant role in building automation.


11. At least 30% of the organisations have more than 5 departments that can automate. 


12. 40% of an organisation's automation is accounted for by the Engineering and IT department. 


13. In the next two years, about 57% of business professionals within an enterprise organisations plan to build an automation that will focus on improving the customer experience. 


14. Over the next two years, building automation for improving the employee experience is the key goal for about 64% of the business professionals at an enterprise organisation 


15. 94% of business professionals would rather have a unified platform for business processes and automation. 




The field of automation is definitely on the rise and one can expect a lot more advancement in the near future.


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