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10 Ways to Build an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

4 out of 5 marketers have stated that they would instead give up on social media than email marketing. With a proper email marketing strategy, you will grow your business significantly. If you are a small business, you will be happy to know that more than 64% of businesses use email marketing to gain new leads and nurture them. 

Following are the 10 tips that will allow you to build the most effective marketing strategy:


1. Know your audience 

Email marketing differs from time to time. Knowing your audience, who they are, and what they like will determine how likely they are to open your emails and the type of behaviour they may exhibit when they receive the emails. 

The demographics and the psychographic are essential to help you refine the content and get to the heart of the audience. Keeping the content curated will ensure that the readers are engaged. 


2. Content quality 

Keep the content quality consistent. It has been said over and over, content is king. It is how you reach your audience, engage with them, and keep them interested in your products/ services offered. Keep the content fresh and concise. Planning an effective content strategy will keep you ahead of your competitors as well.



3. Subject line

Subject lines can really capture your audience's attention. Keeping it clean and short will give the customers a quick idea of the email. However, you can whip up a creative subject line to interest them every now and then. It must be noted that subject lines should not have click baits in them. Nothing will dissuade your audience from checking future emails than clickbait offers and promotions. 62% of emails are opened because of personalised subject lines.


4. Personalisation 

With CRM, personalisation is not a problem. Automated emails that lack any tone or personalisation will lead the customers to ignore them halfway. Personalise them by adding the customer's names, products recommendation based on their search history, promotions that will interest them, and relevant content. Potential customers can be sent brochures that can help solve their day-to-day problems. They are likely to be more appreciative that you are actively educating them about the subject they are interested in.

Personalised and segmented emails have displayed a 50 percent higher CTR than those not. 


5. Pre-Test

It cannot be stressed enough, but pre-testing is essential. Experiment with the emails and do A/B testing to see which ones will attract the audience and lead them to action. 

With Optimiser, you can test new templates, designs and create content using the stored data within your database. Add some GIFs, images to give some visuals. Given that 72% of customers prefer email as their primary source of communication with businesses. It is essential to get an insight into how they will be viewing the emails and what their experience will be like. 


6. Mobile-Friendly 

57% of users have responded that if the content is not mobile-friendly, they will not recommend it to anyone. Given that people spend most of their time on smartphones optimising the email experience on mobile phones is really necessary. 88% of users check emails on their phones, so ensuring that the content opens instantly and the subject line optimises will keep them engaged.



7. Prioritise 

Prioritising your customers can go a long way in maintaining relationships. Segmenting your audience will allow you to target each group with the product of their choice. 58% of revenue increase has been reported in companies that have begun segmentation and personalising their emails. In fact, ten percent of the audience has reportedly said that they are annoyed when the emails are not personalised. 

Send your customers birthday and festival wishes, special promotions etc., to make them feel valued.


8. Automation 

Optimiser's Marketing Suite offers advanced marketing tools that will enable you to automate your emails. Personalise them, schedule them, and send them in bulk with complete email performance reports. Any customer action will be followed by a specific trigger, depending upon the customers' activity. 


9. Analytics 

With detailed analysis, you will get stats into how the audience is reacting to the emails sent. You can work on improving from one campaign to another. For an effective campaign, the bounce rate is less than 50%. 


10. Spams 

Spamming can ruin a brand's identity more than most companies realise. Sending emails to those who have subscribed to your website will ensure that these emails do not get stuck in spam filters. The targeted audience is more likely to open your emails than those receiving unsolicited ones. 



Emails encompass a large portion of the revenue generated within the organisation when implemented and used correctly. Given that emails have millions of users worldwide, the sheer amount of data that one can collect and use as leverage for their strategies will be beneficial.



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