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10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is as important as choosing a company name. It needs to be thought of as with business comes the expectations of the customers. If they do not like your domain name, they will not make the effort to type it. 


Here are the top 10 tips on how to choose the perfect domain name for your business: 


Easy to type 

Find a domain name that is easy to type. It is hard, people are going to hesitate to visit your website. Keep the name short and crisp, try to avoid slang. It would be hard for the customers to find your website as many businesses choose to use slang to keep their domain names short. 



Anything long and complex, your customers are bound to mistype the name or even misspell it. Avoid fancy languages like many companies prefer to keep the Latin counterpart of their business name as their website domain address. On a logo, it may look extremely charming, but while typing out the name of the website, it will be a hassle. 



To rank your website higher, use keywords that describe your business or the services that you provide. For example, you are a shopping business, you can consider keeping the name ShopEasy.com or SaleShoppe.com 

It will push your website ranking which increases traffic and the name converts what you want it to convey, you sell products at a discounted price.



Geographic area 

If you plan on keeping your business local, you can consider adding the city's name in your domain name if the tentative one is taken. For example, your business is based in Carnaby Street London. This street is extremely popular for discounted accessories and thrifting. You are planning to take your business online so, you can name your business Carnabysaleshoppe.com.

You can use Touchpoint to display your products under an impressive portfolio. 


Avoid numbers and hyphens 

Numbers are forgettable. People do not like typing numbers. They want a straightforward website that leads them to their desired page. Also, numbers and hyphens are misunderstood. New visitors might get confused if you use SaleShoppe5.com. They do not know if it is in numeral (5), roman numeral (V) or spelt out (five). They also forget the dash. 



When you have a short name, it is halfway through becoming memorable. It needs to be catchy, that much is essential. Share it with friends to understand if the name sounds appealing or not. If it makes sense to them, you can go ahead with it. 



Research is vital. Make sure that the name you have chosen has not been selected already. It can result in a legal mess and a very costly lawsuit that can drain your business as well as you lose your domain. If it is in use, begin the process again and look for a name that aligns with your business goals and remains memorable at the same time.



Domain name extension 

Extensions are .com or .net. These are suffixes that are put at the end of the web addresses. They have a specific use and that is why it is important to choose the right extension. Pick one that works for your business. The domain extension, .com, is extremely popular but you probably may not be able to get that name as that extension has been around for a long time. 

However, you can choose from .guru, .club, .sale -- are easy, available and very relevant. 

Other business names are based on what a business does. For example:


.cricket is used by pro teams, fans and youth leagues

.dev is used by coders, developers and tech professionals

.green is used by businesses that focus on the global sustainability movement. 


Protect and build your brand 

To keep your brand protected, you will need to invest in various other domain extensions, even purchase the misspelt versions of your current domain name. 

It ensures that your competitors are not able to use the other version and your customers are direct to your website, even if they misspell the name. 



You will have to act immediately once you have the domain name down. The names do not stay around for long. While they are inexpensive, the market is competitive. It will disappear as soon as you come across and then you will have a lot of trouble finding an alternate version of it. 



The rankings of your website are directly impacted by the domain name you choose. The more memorable the name is, the more visitors you will garner. It depends on making it easy to type and ensuring that it has not been copyrighted. The perfect domain name will communicate what your business does. However, with perfect domain name, you do need a beautiful website that can be achieved through a website builder or by hiring a development company. A beautifully desgined website complementing the domain name is like icing on the cake to attract visitors.  



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