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10 Key Benefits of Using a Project Management Software

Using project management software can improve the lives of project managers in the long run. They can track and manage every resource available to them. Project management software not only allows them to track the budget and allocate it, but it also lets you pick up more than one high priority project and juggle between them without any confusion arising. 

What are the benefits of project management software then?


Benefits of Using Project Management Software

1. Budget 

The biggest bonus of using project management software is budget management. Especially for managers who have to keep an eye out for the cost of a project. This makes sure that it does not spiral out of control and the budget allocated is ample. You will end up spending on trivial things. WIth quantifiable evidence, the managers can see which employee has accomplished what and for how many hours they have worked. 

You can make informed decisions using these functions to move forward and be fiscally responsible.


2. Remote Meetings

Given the pandemic, much of the work was shifted online. Project management software has been especially helpful in this scenario. Limiting the need to meet physically, tools that are available to the remote workforce have become smarter and relevant. Project managers can lead their teams from a remote location without any hassle. The data is open to all to access and use at their discretion. Keeping in communion with the team using a chat tool allows them to keep up with the progress of the project. 

Because of this software, project managers can confidently finish projects without physical checks. Project workers will have all available resources for them. 

One of the best project management software in the UK is Optimiser. Coming with a project management suite that integrates easily and dishes out intelligent reports for data analysis and resources allocation, Optimiser's project management suite can help you grow your business and deliver your projects on time.


3. Accountability and Transparency

Since the activities and the progress of the project are updated in the project management software, there is an increased sense of responsibility, accountability and transparency within the organisation. This is very important for remote working as no one knows who is doing what and at what time are they doing it? 

With monitored reports, team members can be held accountable. This will encourage them to meet deadlines and even help them in becoming more productive. 


4. Sharing files

Distribution tools in project management software are extremely useful. While working on a project you will need to share data with your team members, managers, clients, stakeholders or even third-party. Providing safe access to the files, important documentation can be shared using drives. Optimiser comes with cloud storage that will allow the users to store their data and migrate it, download and share with parties involved. This maintains project transparency.



5. Risk Mitigation 

There is a certain risk involved when working on a project. That includes analysis and response to any risk that might arise during the project cycle. This is known as project risk management. It helps in keeping track of the project and meeting the set goals on time. But risk management is not only reactive. It is a part of the planning process to ensure what risk might happen. And if it does, how to control the situation before it spirals out. This allows you to gain a footing over your project and ensure that it is going on smoothly. 


6. Productivity

Many companies use project management tools to improve productivity. It improves the decision-making process well as skyrockets productivity. With all the important details in one place, managers can make informed decisions that will benefit the business. 

Any potential bottlenecks can be identified and effective solutions can be employed to curb threats that will be posed to a project. Managers can improve risk mitigation strategies with project management software. They can deploy relevant resources on time for effective countermeasures. 

It improves the efficiency of the team as well because not only it makes the lives of the project managers easier, the team members know what they are working towards and have a vision that they follow throughout.



7. Project Planning

Without a plan, nothing works well. 

You will need all possible tools at your disposal when planning a new project to achieve your goals. If anything has been learned over the years from managing a project, it is to always have a plan. But that does not mean, you have to spend all your time in the planning process. You can use tools such as Optimiser's project management suite to get an accurate AI prediction of when the projects can be completed and capture important data such as cost, scope and schedule. 

This will allow you to set a solid foundation for your projects and figure out the milestones, key deliverables and allow you to assign tasks before the project begins. 


8. Client communication 

With this software, you can keep in contact with your clients and keep them updated about the progress of the project. It can be document sharing or even sharing project reports. Using comprehensive information, you can enable transparency and communication with clients as well. 


9. Monitor timeline

Projects come with a deadline and so do many specific project tasks. Using project management software, you can progress at the right speed to speed it up in case time is running out. You can ensure that your teams are not overbooked and follow a heatmap with workload visibility to plan their tasks accordingly. 


10. Resource allocation 

With a little technological aid, resource allocation is not a big task. Using data-driven statistics, you can channel your resources into projects that will need a boost. 



Deliver the project successfully with an effective resource management strategy with the aid of project management software such as Optimiser. Not only does it encourage healthier working standards, but it also keeps your employees from burning out and provides detailed reports of your operations.


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