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10 Digital Products to Sell on Website Built Through Optimiser Touchpoint

Optimiser Touchpoint offers unique features to all business owners to build their websites and advertise their products. It can be sold to as many customers as possible and maximise profits. Digital products are considerably convenient as the product has to be created only once rather than collecting it repeatedly to sell it. 

There are several advantages to selling digital products. Although the shift to online selling has been abrupt, it has been quite profitable at the same time. A digital product is cheaper, more efficient and has a broader audience base than a physical product.

Not to miss, it is less time-consuming and far less complex. One need not stay back to do tedious tasks like inventory or calculating the day's wages with digital products. The best incentive of selling digitally is that the information is stored online in a Cloud CRM. It can be used to draw reports within no time. One could even calculate employees' wages without any trouble. It also helps that you will not have to worry about taxes and the shipping costs of a physical product or fret over the distribution. 

If you are looking to begin your online business, here are some of the top Digital Products to sell on your website built through Optimiser Touchpoint:



1. Online Courses

With people staying inside their homes most due to the pandemic, the demand for online courses has increased significantly. Create training or an educational course for any skill or subject you wish to put out there. With several platforms putting out professional content and lesson plans, these can be used to structure your own. Suppose you are looking to sell premium content to your clients. In that case, you have many tools to choose from for lesson planning, and on Optimiser Touchpoint, you can brand your source uniquely so that your visitors remember you well. 


2. Templates

Sounds weird? But it is not. Templates are in demand at all times. Be it for resumes, proposals, business reports, presentations, social media graphics, brochures or flyers. This is that one product that is needed by all. 

You can create your templates and put them up for sale on your website using the website building tool with minimal graphic designing skills. Touchpoint will guide you into creating a portfolio website so that the visitors get a taste of your best works when they land on your webpage. 

You can sell it to a broad audience and broaden your base as this is a highly demanded product. People do not have the time to create their templates.


3. E-Books 

Being one of the most lucrative ways to earn money online, E-books were one of the first digital products that hit the market and continue to be popular even today. Trends have changed, and so have the product requirements of the consumers. However, with e-books in constant demand, you can rest assured that your investment will not go in vain.

Needing more work than most for building a website, you will need to hire an editor and proofreader before releasing it if you write a book. Once your book is ready to be published, you can make it available on your website to start earning a passive income.

Plus, you can distribute your books to a broader audience using an online marketplace. Your website can include all the essential links so that your fans can see your data in one place. 


4. Memberships

Memberships are on an all-time high. People are willing to pay for exclusive content if it is value for money. With membership services, you can provide critical information from educational material, webinars, events, training courses etc. Either with a subscription or as a one-time fee, you can offer exclusive content to your audience. 

Starting a subscription website on Touchpoint is pretty easy. Moreover, to make it far more efficient to handle all the customer data, you can integrate it with Optimiser's CRM to store all the accounts and contact information in one place. Efficiently tracking vital trends in consumer behaviour, the CRM will allow you to make the best decision with the help of data-driven statistics. 


5. Professional Services

Professional services are not a digital product, but they are a highly effective means of earning money online. These services include web design content writing, developers, etc., to bag freelance contracts. The best benefit is that the work you will receive on these websites will be highly flexible. 


6. Audio

Audio is a broad category that is worth exploring. This depends on the sounds you will create and share your files from, but they are generally preferred by a vast audience who prefers not to read. Your website can contain audiobooks, language lessons, lectures, meditation music, sound effects etc.



7. Photography

Suppose you wish to display your passion for photography. Marketing campaigns always require high-quality images, and so do businesses creating their websites. In that case, Touchpoint has various templates that will put your best images on display so that you can earn money. Using the website builder for creating a space for high-quality photos, you can advertise some of your images as NFT. 


8. Software

You can create and sell your software for those into coding and development. While the process will take time, it is the most profitable one in the long run. You can maintain a recurring income with a membership subscription.


9. Apps

If you are not interested in selling software, you can always create an app and sell a web-based application. Alternatively, you could develop plugins and sell them to users who require them. 


10. Graphic Art

Even now, several businesses rely on third-party for graphics and brand assets. If you are well skilled in creating graphic design, you can sell graphic art on Touchpoint for a fee. Your work can be used on T-shirts, hats, planners, stickers etc. 

Additionally, you can advertise your skills to work with web design agencies and maintain a steady income.



These are some of the most practical ways of earning money online using Touchpoint website builder. Some can take time to develop, but the final results will allow you to create a brand name for yourself and give yourself a competitive edge in the market.



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