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Revamped Task Manager


Task Management with an Enhanced User Experience

Optimiser has revamped its task management feature to bring a more interactive experience for users. Optimiser’s task management now comes with enhanced look and user experience. With this update, users can now sort tasks by tags, due date, task ownership and priority. The new update also features intuitive colour categorisation for priorities, due date, status and more. It allows users to streamline tasks using detailed customisation and find task information through a search box. Simplify large projects by breaking them into sub-tasks, setting due dates, updating status and tracking team progress to improve collaboration.

Optimiser Task Management saves time and keeps you on schedule by delegating tasks. It replaces guesswork with real-time updates. You can customise how you want to visualise as well as manage tasks for your team. As a result, project leaders can spend more time on completing tasks and less time managing them. Manage your tasks with the Optimiser Project Management Suite to empower teams for efficient and productive working.