• As a membership organisation, Westminster Business Council needed a tool to overcome the difficulty of managing multiple data types manually
  • It was challenging to manage contacts of member organisations and local networking communities
  • The organisation sought a solution to replace complex excel sheets
  • It was difficult to manage and track information related to different members and their connections to each other all in one place
  • It was a challenge to manage and track registrations of different types of events proactively


  • To gain a deeper understanding of the member journey in order to create effective communication and introductions, to maintain and retain client relationships, and plan ROI-effective events
  • To manage memberships, build networking, introductions and effectively develop connections between mentors and mentees, and work experience seekers and providers
  • To successfully manage events at different levels
  • To increase awareness amongst member organisations, to gain more exposure and thereafter to track the outcome of their introductions


  • With a smooth onboarding process, the client’s existing data and information was securely transferred to Optimiser’s intelligent system
  • With the power of one platform, Westminster Business Council has finally been able to do away with multiple excel sheets. Now they manage all their contacts, conversation history, data and information in one place- Optimiser
  • Optimiser has helped Westminster Business Council to manage memberships, build networking, track mentor and mentee connections and business referrals
  • The event management feature has enabled Westminster Business Council to track registrations from members of different levels to attend events of various categories
  • Optimiser presents deeper insights about member types, what they are seeking and suitable connections to enable the planning of ROI-effective events
  • Westminster Business Council can now deep dive into reports and analytics on the Optimiser platform. They can analyse each event’s success in terms of attendance and revenue. They can also monitor each member’s own ROI from their Westminster Business Council membership. This facilitates a proactive engagement approach with their members
Final Words
The 100% customisable CRM system embraced all the requirements of Westminster Business Council, enabling more productive management of its members. The platform gives complete transparency on member interaction and executes solutions through a single application. In addition, Optimiser rigorously analyses data their system produces to identify new, well-defined opportunities to extend the power of technology.
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